Club Run to Jules Country Kitchen at Alby 22 November 2017

Words by today’s ride leader John Dimascio.

6 riders assembled at PC and were off on the stroke of 10:29 – only to be joined a hundred yards down the road by a seventh. This was a day when the actual and predicted weather conditions would dictate the route and distance. All agreed that with 40+ mph winds promised for early afternoon, lunch should be taken earlier rather than later to give the riders a chance of getting back to PC before the worst of the weather.

An astute analysis of the wind direction that was forecast the evening before led our leader to choose a route that used some of the more sheltered lanes – all downhill as well of course.

So we set off to Gresham church and then through Sustead to Hanworth where a particularly impatient driver tried giving Alan a mudbath. It was then on to cross the A140 and the A149 to the site of the old Suffield Arms and a right turn to Antingham.

The next 4 miles were almost due South – the direction from which the “Fresh Breeze” was coming. Francis Beaufort thus names a wind speed of 19 – 24 mph and describes it as “small trees in leaf begin to sway; crested wavelets form on inland waters”. We didn’t notice!

At last we turned out of the headwind and after a few hundred yards on the Trans-Norfolk Highway we headed past Colby school to Church Lane and Long Lane and took a delightfully muddy lane (sorry Malcolm!) back to the A140 and Jules Country Cafe.

Lunch was ordered – with two of us ordering – and finishing “The Big Un” which is how Jules describes her large sized breakfast. The food here is ample and well-priced; some say too ample. Chris joined us here and after a conversation on topics ranging from Tug of War to Power of Attorney (maybe related!) the riders departed in several directions – some to be blown towards Sheringham, others to battle a few more miles in the Aylsham direction.

Thanks everyone for a good ride – the upside of the windy conditions was that there was at least some welcome sunshine.

PC to Jules Cafe = 19 miles; 1 impatient MPV driver; 1 unpredictable white van man; No punctures on the outward route.

Roll Call – Alan, Chris, JohnD, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin, Trevor

“Runners run because they like running, cyclists cycle because they like cake!

Wheelers Club Ride - 22nd November