Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 9 May 2018

In bright sunshine and a gentle slightly cooling breeze 10 met at PC for Peter’s ride to Cawston. Most by now on their summer bikes with just a couple taking no chances and sporting mudguards, one of whom was Malcolm who remains adamant that there is no such thing as a mud free North Norfolk! Today also saw the welcome return of John S still a bit sore but as determined as ever!

Turning off in the Bodham direction soon to cross the A148 (but not before a brief halt to repair a dramatic blowout) and swooping down to Wiveton we knew that Peter had devised a cunning plan to reach our destination. He later revealed that he wanted to take in different types of scenery and provide an alternative to the more familiar routes to Cawston.

Indeed it was as we passed through Langham and Cockthorpe and then due south to Binham. We were maintaining quite a high pace, our leader mindful that the slightly longer than usual outward route might make us late for lunch! After Binham we bypassed Field Dalling and Bale reaching the A148 once again, this time to cross to Sharrington. Spirits were high in the perfect conditions!

Onwards to Brinton, Stody, Briston and Thurning before arriving at the café just on 1pm and 32 miles (51.5 km) from our start point. Lunch was served in their usual friendly and efficient way which makes this café such a favourite.

The pack intact we headed north east to Oulton Street where Robin left us for home while the remainder continued on to Itteringham and Little Barningham at which point Peter asked if we minded if he and Paula turned off towards Edgefield and homewards. Having thanked Peter for his efforts in providing us with a great route we pedalled on, Malcolm turning off towards Gresham and the remainder following Plum Lane, Red Barn Lane and Gibbet Lane back to PC.

Alan, Barry, Geoff, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Robin and Stephen.

44 miles (71 kms) PC to PC. 65 – 70 miles (104.6 – 112.6 kms) for some.