Club Run to The Kingfisher Café at Walcott 16 May 2018

To say that the Spring weather has so far been variable would be an understatement. The saying that there is “No such thing as bad weather only bad clothing” is true up to a point but choosing the right gear for cycling is always tricky. To be fair the forecast had predicted cool and breezy but dry conditions, but also with the possibility of some sunshine; so today as 12 met at PC for Malcolm’s run to the coast we saw some in longs and rain/windproof tops but others more optimistically in shorts and long sleeved jerseys. As the day progressed those without at least a warmer top would definitely feel the bite of the northerly wind!

Our outward route took us down to Matlaske and then towards Erpingham. At the turning into Scarrow Beck Lane one Wheeler slid on loose gravel and broke a rear wheel spoke in the process. Fortunately he was unscathed which was just as well as this was his first outing with us after an extended injury free skiing holiday. We were able to continue to Ingworth and Banningham where Trevor was waiting for us and a further check was made on the wheel. Although a bit out of true we decided it was safe to continue!

The remainder of the route was familiar to most but provided new opportunities for several of the group as we passed through Tuttington, Skeyton, Swanton Abbott, Worstead, Lyngate, Briggate, Honing, Crostwight and Witton Bridge. We then headed in to a strong headwind to the Coast Road and our lunch time destination. A table had been reserved at the café and all welcomed the warmth and shelter from the wind as well as the refreshments which were provided in the Kingfisher’s normal efficient and friendly fashion.

Trevor and John S went their own ways as we left Walcott on the Coast Road initially but then on to the North Walsham Road through Pollard Street as far as Edingthorpe Green and Edingthorpe Street and the lanes to Knapton.

At Trunch Peter, Paula and Gill left us and the leader decided to follow Brewery Road not realising that extensive road repairs had been carried out in the last couple of days. We carried on but on reflection it may have been better to have chosen an alternative. The repairs appeared to be a new type of surface dressing involving less stone chips but nevertheless slightly hazardous, not helped by one particular car and lorry approaching us at speed on this narrow lane and causing emergency breaking in the bunch and some deft bike handling!

Eventually we reached Lower Street where we said goodbye to Robin and carried on to Thorpe Market and Hanworth at which point Malcolm turned to head off home leaving just 6 to make their way back to Pretty Corner and beyond.

Those in their winter gear probably faired the best today but the reasonably brisk pace hopefully prevented the others from getting too chilled!

Alban, Alan, Andrew, Geoff, Gill, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Robin, Trevor.

44 miles PC to PC.