Club Run to The Corner House Café at Mundesley 27 June 2018

9 met at PC for Robert’s ride to this popular coastal destination.

There was an unusual starting twist to today’s tale as we headed towards Sheringham! As we sped down Holway Road close to the speed limit there was a screech of brakes as we slowed to turn right into Woodland Rise eventually reaching the extremely busy A149. Safely (!?) integrated with the traffic we continued as far as Station Road and then the long climb up Sandy Lane to the A148 before being consumed by the Lion’s Mouth!

Our route took us through Sustead, Thurgarton, Wickmere, Ingworth and Banningham at which point we were sure we heard our leader announce that we were going to pass through Tuttington. However we travelled along the Trans Norfolk B1145 until just past Colby where we took a left to head towards the A149 crossing and Antingham. At the rail crossing we turned to Bradfield at which point we felt it a good idea to give the Café a call to tell them to reserve a table.

After Bradfield another “twist” as we reached Swafield and back on the B1145 all the way into Mundesley via Knapton. 27 miles from PC with some having pedalled almost 40 miles before lunch. There to greet us at Corner House was CJ. The variety, quality and value of the food at the Café never fails to impress and duly fed and watered we left on the Coast Road but only as far as the back lanes to Gimingham and Southrepps. At this point Malcolm continued on to Thorpe Market and then home while the remainder of the group went via Northrepps and Felbrigg to Metton, Gresham and back to PC.

Many thanks to Robert for leading today’s run.

Alan, Gilly, Graham, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Robert, Stephen, CJ (at the Café)

42 miles PC to PC

(The only real technical apart from a dropped chain early on was a minor GPS glitch that at one point appeared to want us to follow it rather than Robert’s preferred route)