Club Run to The Kings Arms at Blakeney 4 July 2018

Not wishing to miss the opportunity of yet another glorious day for cycling 9 Wheelers met at PC for Kevin’s ride to the North Coast.

Kevin’s route took us through Lower Gresham, Metton, Hanworth and Thurgarton, bypassing Aldborough to take quiet country lanes to Little Barningham. We said goodbye to John D as we continued on to Edgefield. We then followed the course of The River Glaven to Hunworth and on to Thornage, Sharrington and Bale.

On reaching Binham and then Cockthorpe we turned due East to continue the drag up to Langham. Checking the distance covered so far it was decided that 27 miles to the lunch stop would be just about right – so no extra loops today!

We parked our bikes and enjoyed our lunch in the garden. Food was good, service was good and value not bad considering the touristy location! The landlord was certainly friendly enough, cheerily quipping that he had bought a new bike at the end of last year and keeps bumping his head on it as it remains hanging up in his garage gathering dust!

Jane and Alban soon after left us at Blakeney leaving 6 to pedal the fast stretch to Wiveton. Andrew headed for home at this point while the remaining members of the original 9 tackled the reasonably steep climb up to Bridge Road. The heat and exertions of the day caused one or two little splits but we had all but regrouped at High Kelling before Robin peeled off for Kelling Heath preferring a less busy route to the A148!

Alan, Kevin, Malcolm and Robert pressed on towards West Beckham, Malcolm leaving the other 3 to complete the run back to PC as he went via Gresham and Hanworth to home.

Many thanks to Kevin for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, Jane, John D, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin

40 miles PC to PC

Footnote (update from a previous note)

Regarding her recent long distance cycling adventure Jane reports that she hadn’t written a detailed account, had really enjoyed her “holiday” and was a little embarrassed at the fuss and attention. A modesty so typical of someone who simply enjoys riding their bike!