Club Run to The Kings Arms at Blakeney 5 September 2018

Words by Kevin

5 met at PC for Kevin’s foray to the Kings Arms at Blakeney, on a gloomy but dry and not too windy day.

The ride started with a small apology stating we were to go through Fakenham, one rider commenting he had only been there on a drive and ride?

The route was PC to Saxthorpe and on to Guestwick where we came across a couple of cyclists. One of them had unfortunately come off his bike banging his head on the tarmac resulting in quite a lot of blood. Fortunately he said he was okay, stating he would be buying and wearing a helmet from now on.

After wishing them well and saying goodbye we pressed on to Hindolveston, Stibbard, Great Ryburgh and then down the B1146 to Fakenham past the famous Gas Museum!

On leaving Fakenham we pedalled to Great Snoring, Hindringham, Binham, and finally to everyone’s relief Blakeney. Just over 39 miles to lunch, another first I believe for a Wednesday ride.

After lunch Jane went home and Peter and Paula headed for Bale, leaving Alan and Kevin to make their way back to PC the usual way past Holt Rugby club.

Apologies for missing Andrew at the pub.

Runners and riders: Alan, Jane, Kevin, Paula, Peter

50 miles PC to PC with no incidents.

Many thanks to Kevin for leading the ride.