*Save the dates* Club AGM and Annual Social Event / Club Awards Night

The Club AGM will be on Friday 11th January at 7pm Sheringham Community Centre.  It will be important that as many members as possible attend to have your say in the future of the club.

Due to the success and excellent turn-out earlier this year the annual social event / club awards night will again be at Upper Sheringham Village Hall on Saturday 26th January at 7pm with an informal buffet meal.  All first/second claim members, partners and friends welcome.  Further details will be provide soon.

Club Run to The Conservatory at Aylsham 24 October 2018

Tour de Cromer – words by David C, our leader for the day.

On a breezy but reasonably mild Wednesday morning, ten Wheelers descended into the back lanes of East Beckham. The peloton slowed allowing the leader to search unsuccessfully for his long lost Poundland spectacles. Picking up a spare wheel at Gresham Church, the group made use of the strong Westerly to descend through the village and up and out again towards the Aylmerton Cross.

An encounter with a friendly bottled gas delivery driver slowed our progress, but we were soon up and on the move again through Aylmerton and the rear end of the Felbrigg estate. Negotiating the cattle grids we hit the Felbrigg main gate and enjoyed the long descent towards Cromer.

Taking a right at Amazonia Zoo onto the recently completed cycle path, the group climbed up towards Roughton Road, Cromer. “Bollards!” someone called out. And yes, they were a tight squeeze, calling for some beginner’s bike handling skills.

A brief sojourn of no more than twenty metres on the A148, followed by three mini roundabouts in quick succession, had us on Mill Road, Suffield Park with Cromer Hospital on our left and the newly opened Surgery on our right.

At this point the leader became a tad nostalgic for childhood haunts and led the group past Great Aunt Dot’s old house on Connaught Road followed by a slow meander through the mean streets to Suffield Park playing field, the scene of former sporting glories when us Cromer lads handed out a footballing lesson to the Suffield locals on numerous occasions circa 1968-9.

It was time to hit the open country once more. A right turn onto Northrepps Road had us at the foot of the rather unexpected (for some!) steep ascent of the Forest Park climb. After a brief pause at the summit to gather our thoughts, the group enjoyed the rather pleasing Nut Lane descent into Northrepps Village.

The Run continued – words by the Editor

After such an eloquent intro I shall keep it brief.

After Northrepps we followed Craft Lane on to the delightfully named Clipped Hedge Lane at Southrepps and then the back lanes to Gimingham. After Trunch we passed through Bradfield and were lucky not to be held up at the railway crossing. Then came Antingham, Felmingham, Skeyton Corner, the steady climb up to All Saints Church and eventually reached Burgh followed by Aylsham. En route we were treated to the nostalgic sound of the air whistle of a locomotive on the Bure Valley narrow gauge railway.

The Conservatory had not been forewarned of our arrival but despite it being a busy time and no seats available inside they were quite happy for us to dine al fresco. By now however the sun had disappeared completely and it was a bit on the cool side but this did nothing to dampen spirits and the banter flowed. “When are we receiving our Certificates?” Alban asked. We were puzzled. “Well all those hand signals through Cromer felt like we were doing our Cycling Proficiency!”

After lunch we headed off towards Blickling but then cut across to join the (old) Cromer Road and followed the course of The River Bure for a short distance to Ingworth. At this point Malcolm turned eastwards for Banningham and home leaving the group to make their way to Erpingham and follow familiar roads back to PC.

Thanks very much to David – the tour of his former stomping grounds in Cromer not to mention the look of surprise on some visitors’ faces as we wound our way through the grounds of the Felbrigg Estate provided an unusual and welcome start to the ride.

Alan, Alban, David, Ian W, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robin, Stephen

41 miles PC to PC

Club Run to The Three Horseshoes at Warham 17 October 2018

Shorts were still the order of the day for most of the 7 who turned out for Andrew’s ride to a venue that is fast becoming a favourite for the Wednesday crew! Traditional surroundings, an open fire and great value warming food – what more could you ask for now that Autumn is very much upon us? A great route and that is what we got as Andrew lead us via Baconsthorpe, Plumstead and Edgefield to Briston.

Drizzly rain would not go away and it seemed as though this might be the first ride for some while when some serious bike cleaning would be needed later on, particularly for those on their road bikes without mudguards. With spirits high in spite of the road conditions the small bunch of riders passed through Stody, Brinton, Sharrington, Bale and Hindringham.

Just after joining the Hindringham Road in the direction of Great Walsingham we were brought to an abrupt halt as tarmac disappeared into a sea of thick mud – like impassable! Apropos the recent Facebook posting on the NNWCC group page, the reporting of an incident between a person on his bike and a local farmer (nothing to do with the Wheelers or the previous day’s Club Run incidentally), yes of course farmers have every right to be on the road but not to leave a good portion of a field’s contents behind them. Let’s hope it was cleared up later. Respect for all road users and all that!

Sensibly we backtracked slightly and took an alternative route along the Wells Road as far as Wighton where we turned off right to pass the Warham Camp Iron Age Fort and eventually our mid ride destination. Stephen had to skip lunch and carried on to Wells.

Apart from two other customers, who seemed either slightly put out or maybe just curious of the bonhomie exuding from our lycra clad group, and a man and his dog we were the only ones in for lunch. Food is freshly prepared here but the wait was worth it and all thoughts of the cool damp weather outside soon disappeared.

The return leg took us through Binham, Field Dalling and Saxlingham shortly after which Jane and Alban left us. Just 4 continued on to Wiveton and then the seemingly endless (for Norfolk) climb to Bridge Road and High Kelling. Our leader for the day bade us farewell leaving 3 to make their way to Geoff’s Corner where there was a final split as 2 headed towards the Holt Road and Sheringham Park while the lone rider descended to Lower Gresham and Bessingham and then south-eastwards and homewards.

Many thanks to Andrew for leading today’s ride and good to see Alban back in the saddle!

Alan, Alban, Andrew, Graham A, Jane, Malcolm and Stephen

PC to PC 42 miles (max 65 miles)

Club Run to The Crown at Banningham 10 October 2018

Holidays and other pursuits kept the number low today as 5 Wheelers met in the sunshine for Robert’s ride to Banningham. Robert promised us lots of twists and turns on his route which was worked out in the early hours due to a temporary bout of insomnia!!

We passed by East and through West Beckham before heading towards Bodham but took a sharp left before we reached the A148. This pleasant lane did however take us to Bodham Church and on to Baconsthorpe. Then came Hempstead, Edgefield and Briston.

A shout came from the back, “Are we going to Banningham then?”

Obligingly Robert turned to head south easterly to Corpusty and then followed the Irmingland Road and Spa Lane to Oulton. On reaching Itteringham Robert had decided not to go the more direct route following the course of The River Bure to Ingworth but to head up towards Wolterton then Erpingham, Colby and our lunchtime destination after some 27 miles. A great route with the promised twists and turns!

CJ was already tucking into his baguette as we arrived but The Crown is pretty quick at getting the orders out so we were soon enjoying ours.

Although we left as a group of 6 there was soon a split as two headed off towards Suffield and home while the remainder of the group were lead by Robert towards Alby and Aldborough and back to PC.

Many thanks to Robert for leading today’s ride.

David, Jane, Malcolm, Phil, Robert and CJ

38 miles PC to PC

Club Run to Felbrigg Hall 3 October 2018

Those who knew Paul Bailey planned to attend the Service at Cromer Crematorium in the early afternoon; so after a short discussion on alternative routes and lunchtime destinations 12 Wheelers were lead by Malcolm firstly to Matlaske.

Our route took us through Erpingham, Colby, Suffield, Antingham, Lower Street, Southrepps, Northrepps, Felbrigg Village and finally the tearooms at Felbrigg Hall.

After an al fresco lunch during which the temperature fell somewhat a small group continued on to pay their last respects to and celebrate the life of a fine club member.

Alan, Andrew, David, Geoff, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robin, Scott, Stephen and Trevor E enjoyed the ride of 22 miles to Felbrigg