Club Run to The Corner House Café at Mundseley 30 January 2019

The yellow warnings were out, indeed Aylsham and North Walsham received a decent covering of snow, but at the coast no snow and no frost! What this meant was that the coastal contingent was keen to ride whereas the inland contingent was understandably underwhelmed at the prospect. In the event two Wheelers left PC to pick up one more at Banningham and the trio set off for today’s run lead by David C.

The Trans Norfolk Highway took us to North Walsham, then the Bacton Road to Edingthorpe Green, Broomholm, the Coast Road past the Gas Terminal, then Paston, Paston Street and finally Mundesley. The CHC owners looked tanned and refreshed after their winter break and just as they were taking our order in walked Geoff P. Despite a valiant attempt by David C to start a Brexit debate, conversation soon turned to more parochial, but no less important, matters. Thank you to the CHC for its usual good service and good value food.

We remounted our bikes in bright sunshine and decided to stick to the Coast Road; all the way to Cromer in fact where there was a 3 way split, 2 of the group heading to their homes in Cromer and Sheringham, while the remaining 2 Wheelers did the decent thing and returned to PC via Felbrigg, Metton and Lower Gresham.

In the end a good day out on the bikes, the thaw happened very quickly as the temperature rose a bit and the roads were ice free and only occasionally a bit mucky (due to the fact that we were mostly on B roads rather than the lanes).

Thank you to David C for leading the ride.

David C, Geoff P, Kevin, Malcolm

40 miles PC to PC