Club Run to The Dun Cow at Salthouse 27 March 2019

7 Wheelers lead by Alan left PC at the usual time on a cool but dry day for a ride to the North Coast.

Our route followed a familiar path to Matlaske and then Plumstead, Edgefield, Briston, Craymere Beck, Hindolveston, Swanton Novers and Briningham, just after which Andrew C had a rear wheel puncture. With the stopwatch running Andrew was making good time until that last few inches of the tyre which can sometimes and on this occasion did prove to be a bit difficult.

All fixed we continued on to Brinton, Sharrington, Glandford, Wiveton and finally the Coast Road for a high tempo last stretch to our lunchtime destination. 28 miles of glorious Norfolk lanes with just a hint of more major roads! We had obviously arrived at a good time as we had a choice of where we sat and the food came quickly. As we prepared to leave for the return leg the Pub had filled considerably.

Andrew C and Jane continued up Bard Hill and homewards while the remaining 5 riders made their way up to Wood Lane and then eventually to the Cley Road which took us to Holt. Shortly after crossing the A148 Andrew B left us at Hempstead. After Baconsthorpe Kevin left us at Geoff’s Corner and there was a final parting of the ways as Malcolm headed for Gresham, Aldborough, Erpingham, Felmingham and home while just the 2 completed the circuit back to PC.

Many thanks to Alan for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Andrew B, Andrew C, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm

40 miles PC to PC (64 miles max)