Club Run to Kerri’s Café at The Old Railway Station Reepham 22 May 2019

Some felt it was warm enough for short sleeves while others were taking no chances with the unpredictable UK weather. In the event it was a perfect cycling day for the 13 Wheelers who left PC for Peter’s ride to Reepham.

After following a familiar path to High Kelling a broken spoke in Andrew C’s rear wheel necessitated a change of bike and a slight change of route (for the swap) but no one minded and we picked up Andrew again at Wiveton and pedalled on to Saxlingham and Field Dalling. Across the A148 and on to Sharrington, Briningham, Melton Constable and Hindolveston. 22 miles and about another 7 before lunch but the run through Thurning and Wood Dalling was fairly swift until a puncture held up Andrew B briefly, while the remainder of the bunch (except for Malcolm who kept Andrew company) carried on to the Café.

There to meet us were CJ, Geoff and Trevor N so the biggest lunchtime gathering for some time! The staff at Kerri’s were super efficient and after a welcome refuel the original 13 set off for Salle. There was a split in the group just before Salle which meant that Robin and Gilly headed off towards Aylsham while Malcolm went in pursuit of the group unsure about the route they were taking. A post-run quote from the run leader “Took a little dog leg around Salle Common to avoid any cycling on the main Holt/Norwich road then left the group at Little Barningham.”

Malcolm took a slightly different route initially but couldn’t have been far behind the main group through Oulton, Itteringham, and Little Barningham before finally catching them just before PC.

Many thanks to Peter for leading today’s run.

Alan, Andrew B, Andrew C, Gill, Graham, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Peter, Robin, Stephen, Trevor E.

CJ, Geoff and Trevor N at the Café.

56 miles PC to PC (70 miles max)