Club Run to The Barns Café at Great Walsingham 21 August 2019

In a change to the advertised programme 10 left PC, soon to be joined by one other, for Peter’s ride out to the best pie café in town.

Warm weather and a gentle breeze is always guaranteed to generate a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the group so it was unfortunate that yet another idiot of a motorist saw fit to take out his frustrations with the world on us as he sped round a bend shouting obscenities as he did so!

After Plumstead and Edgefield our route took in Thurning, Hindolveston, Fulmodeston, Croxton, Little Snoring, Great Snoring, Little Walsingham and finally our lunch time destination. Peter shortened the outward leg slightly as 2 mechanicals had delayed us, a rear wheel puncture for one and a broken quick link for another! Andrew C and Alexa having cycled on after the first mechanical had taken a different route to the café, pedalling 5 miles further than the main group and arriving shortly after us.

After a very enjoyable refuel a group of 9 began the return journey, Mark and Stephen having left us, and benefitted from a tailwind as we passed through Hindringham, Bale and Field Dalling. After Saxlingham Peter confirmed that we were pointed in the right direction and turned for home while the remainder took a deep breath for the ascent from Wiveton of Bridgefoot Road and Bridge Road to High Kelling (nothing like the 7 mile Cat and Fiddle so this must have been a breeze for Don!)

While one or two had peeled off on the way a group of 6 completed the gradual climb up to Geoff’s Corner where 2 went straight to Sheringham while 4 carried on to Mill Road for a final split where 2 returned to PC and 2 descended to Gresham then Bessingham and their own ways home.

Many thanks to Peter for leading us on a great route and thanks to the guests for joining us!

Alan, Alexa (local guest), Andrew C, Don (Buxton Cycling Club), Hamish (from Liverpool), John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Mark, Peter, Stephen

46 miles PC to PC (67 miles max)