Club Run to The Corner Café at Mundesley 4 September 2019

7 met at PC eager for Malcolm to lead them astray on this Wednesday’s ride out to the coast to a venue that has been up for sale for some time. The owners want to retire but thankfully the café is still open and continues to serve up great value refreshments!

After just a few miles Robert left us feeling a bit below par after giving blood the day before!! I’m sure that Robert needed a bit longer before a 50 miler but glad to report that he is feeling fine today (Thurs).

Anyway the route followed a direct path to Matlaske, Erpingham and Ingworth before the heavens opened as we travelled along Drabblegate causing the bunch to seek shelter. After some time the rain abated and we continued via the old Banningham Road, across the A140 and on to Banningham, Colby, Suffield, Antingham, Lower Street and up to the “top road” to take us swiftly to Mundesley.

Soon after our arrival CJ appeared and the magnificent 7 enjoyed a great lunch. As we went to collect our bikes Alan realised he had punctured. We were soon on our way sans CJ and pedalled by way of Paston, Edingthorpe and Bacton Wood to Crostwight where we said goodbye to John and continued on to Bengate and Worstead. The puncture gremlins struck again for Alan as we crossed the B1150 and he used his last tube to get him on his way.

The headwind was a bit of a pain so after Swanton Abbott and Skeyton Malcolm took the sheltered lanes to Tuttington and then the straight run up to Banningham where we carelessly lost Alan as we turned for Ingworth and he went straight on to Colby. Once a signal was obtained a phone call eventually sorted things out and we reunited at Aldborough. At Thurgarton Malcolm turned right for Alby, Suffield and home leaving the others to find their own way back to PC via Bessingham and Gresham.

Along with the freshening breeze the sun did shine in the afternoon so the earlier heavy rain, which caused a soggy bottom or two, didn’t seem so bad after all! Thanks to all for the company.

Alan, Alban, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Stephen. CJ at the café and Robert in search of his lost red cells!

50 miles PC to PC (70 miles max)