Club Run to The Norton Café at Little Walsingham 15 January 2020

After last week’s first Wednesday Run of the year, this week Andrew B led us on his first run in the “leader’s jersey” to what is becoming a firm favourite for a lunch stop. A couple of days before, Andrew was concerned that the forecast rain could create some serious flooding on his chosen route – and he was about right!

After just a few miles as 8 Wheelers headed southwards from PC a concerned motorist warned of floods ahead but we had already been through two so we nonchalantly rode on.

We passed through Plumstead, Edgefield and Stody and then in fairly quick succession 2 riders punctured. Neither held us up for long and we continued on bypassing Brinton, Sharrington and Bale to Binham. By the way did I mention the floods?

After Binham it was a straightforward route via Copys Green and Great Walsingham to welcome refreshments at the Norton Café.

Mark left us as he had some wiring to inspect so 7 retraced their steps to Great Walsingham and followed the long Walsingham Road to Binham and thereafter Langham. The group was together at this point but split after Malcolm punctured courtesy of two thorns, one of which was refusing to budge and caused a longer stop than he had hoped for. Thanks to Alan for staying back to help out.

Coincidentally our leader had also punctured a bit further up the road. As a result of all this 3 rode on towards home while a group of 4 eventually pedalled on to Wiveton and up to High Kelling. Here came split number 3 with just 3 continuing the gradual climb up to Geoff’s Corner. They went together as far as the junction with Red Barn Lane and the final split as 2 completed the circuit to PC and the other descended to Gresham and homewards.

Many thanks to Andrew for leading today’s ride and we look forward to the next time.

I did mention the floods didn’t I?

This week’s gold star award goes to Alan who, after a considerable lay-off with an ankle injury, has returned to the group and is pedalling like he’s never been away!

Alan, Andrew B, Andrew C, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Mark

40 miles PC to PC (60 miles max)