Club Run to The White Lady at Worstead 25 January 2020

As two waited for one more at PC the lonesome rider appeared, struggling slightly with a dodgy freewheel – yes freewheel and not freehub – he was on a retro steel framed bike! We hoped that we could make it to the pick up point at Erpingham and indeed we did via Lower Gresham and Aldborough.

We picked up one more at Erpingham and decided that a bike swap would be a good idea as Brian lives only a short distance away. However the freewheel seemed to be behaving itself so we made our way, led by Malcolm, to the Blickling Road passing through Ingworth on the way. The freewheel gave up again so Brian did the decent thing and told us to carry on and he would “limp” back home.

Our route took us to Silvergate, Oulton Street, Cawston, Eastgate, Buxton, Badersfield, Swanton Abbott and on to a new lunchtime destination (thanks to Geoff for the suggestion). Brian rejoined us and David also turned up for the social gathering before he headed off to Wroxham.

John also had things to do and left early leaving just 3 to complete the return leg; Lyngate, Briggate, Honing, Crostwight, Edingthorpe Street, Paston Green, Knapton and then the B1145 to Swafield and the outskirts of North Walsham (before turning off the by-pass into Lyngate Road).

We followed the back lanes stopping briefly opposite the Antingham Ponds as we seemed to have lost one rider after he had stopped for a call of nature, We soon caught up with each other again and proceeded to Antingham, Suffield and the perimeter of Gunton Park before taking the Hanworth Timber Co shortcut to the A140, crossing to join the road to Aldborough. Brian then took us on a detour on back lanes and there was a split as one rider headed back to PC and home while the other two retraced their tracks to Suffield and home.

Brian, Geoff, John S, Malcolm. David C at the pub

54 miles PC to PC (66 miles max)

Dry roads but plenty of mud to clog up the mudguards!