Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 29 January 2020

On a day that was cold, but not too cold, and windy, but not too windy, and certainly bright and sunny, 6 Wheelers met at PC for a ride to a firm favourite that never disappoints!

Unfortunately David didn’t feel up to joining us so Malcolm stepped up at the last minute to lead the group. A few suggestions for the route came flying in and gave Malcolm enough ideas for a 20 – 25 mile outward leg.

East Beckham, Bessingham, Thurgarton, Alby Hill, Alby, across the A140 and the shortcut to White Post Road, Suffield, Colby, Banningham, Tuttington, Oxnead, Mill Road to the A140, Allison Street to High Street and to the Buxton Road, Eastgate and Cawston.

It’s fair to say that the whole group had worked up a good sweat pedalling directly into a stiff headwind along the Buxton Road. Apart from the odd stretch or two the roads had been clear of both water and mud and we parked our almost sparkling bikes before enjoying a great lunch at the café.

We had to keep a firm grip on the bars for the first part of the return leg through Crabgate, Thurning and up to Briston due to the crosswind but turning towards Edgefield the wind was very much on our backs. The tailwind was very welcome as we made our way to Plumstead and afterwards the Barningham Road, which Malcolm continued to follow to Gresham and homewards, while the remainder of the group carried on up to Plum Lane and then Red Barn Lane back to PC.

Alan, Andrew B, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Stephen.

40 miles PC to PC (60 miles max)

Just one technical today – a headset that needed tightening as a temporary measure before a probable bearing replacement. Good luck with that one John!

Hopefully no one will mind Malcolm awarding himself this week’s Gold Star for both highest recorded mileage and for being the substitute leader for the day.