Wednesday Club Runs from 19 August 2020

We are creating a pool of riders who are happy to ride in a (socially distanced) group of up to 6 members and where individuals are invited to pre-book by email for a particular Wednesday ride.

If any club member wishes to join this pool of riders please use the website contact form to let us know. Unfortunately we are not able to accept guests (non-members) at this time.

Please note that you cannot just turn up at PC on the day; you must be in the pool of riders and have received an email invitation to ride in the week prior to a particular Wednesday. The cut-off for responses will be 7pm on Mondays. If more than 6 people respond we’ll do our best to keep everyone happy!

As a trial we shall be using members’ gardens for a (socially distanced) mid ride break for refreshments so hopefully we shall have dry Wednesdays for a while!

All of the above will be reviewed in light of any changes to Government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and British Cycling guidance.