Thursford-Fakenham 10m TT Start Sheet 25th Aug 2020

First rider off at 6.30pm.  Limited parking so you might need to park either at Little Snoring or Thursford both within a mile or two of the start.

Click here for Thursford Fakenham TT route and start

10m TT Thursford-Fakenham Pick up disposable number at sign on?
1. Susie Towning
2. Tim Daykin
3. Amanda Marshall
4. Sarah Sanderski NM Y
5. Sarah Jay
6. Guy Thorold
7. Brian Platts
8. Richard Collyer
9. Mark Watson
10. Jonny O’Neill NM Y
11. Adrian Jay
12. Paul Elvin
13. Rob Kitchen Y
14. Ben Johnson Y
15. Chris Warbuton NM Y
16. Paul Harrowing
17. Graham Denny
18. Nigel Walsh
19. Carl Mace
20. Pete Farrell NM Y
21. Kim Morrison
22. Phil Hurr
23. Wayne Hill NM Y
24. Jon Maynard