Club Run to The Art Cafe at Glandford 14 October 2020

A “full” complement of 6 Wheelers gathered at PC looking forward to Andrew C’s ride to a lunchtime venue not visited for some time.

As we made our way towards Briston via Baconsthorpe, Plumstead and Edgefield we were pushed along by a tailwind blowing from the north-east. Craymere Beck was a mere trickle, even after the recent rain, and thereafter the roads were surprisingly dry and mud free (mostly).

The group began to feel the sidewind as we pedalled the long straight stretch to Fulmodeston (with Swanton Novers National Nature Reserve to our right hand side). Then we turned into the wind, first to Barney and then Hindringham and onwards to Bale, Field Dalling and Saxlingham. We bumped into Peter en route who was off to pick up his camper van.

After some 28 miles and as it started to rain we arrived at the café, just as Nigel W, out on a training run, passed by saying a brief hallo.

We enjoyed great service and equally great coffee and food before deciding it was time to leave. Stephen headed west while 5 were led by Andrew to Wiveton and then up the hill of Bridgefoot Lane to the junction at the Holt Road where he left us to our own devices. Graham and then Andrew B left the main group shortly after to leave just 2 to make their way back towards PC. A short and not too heavy shower didn’t dampen the spirits and a familiar route was followed to the junction at Mill Road where the final split of the day took place with one going towards West Beckham and the other towards Bessingham.

Alan wins today’s gold star for being the only rider to complete the circuit back to PC.

Many thanks to Andrew for leading the ride.

Alan, Andrew B, Andrew C, Graham J, Malcolm, Stephen

40 miles PC to PC (62 miles max)