Saturday Club Run News – April 2021 C19 update

Club Runs in April.

Some relatively short club runs will start from Saturday April 10th. All welcome. Once we get established again, with any luck, it will be easier to gauge what people are looking for this year. It is assumed that we will be able to split into relevant pace groups in due course.

1. April 10th. Mundesley Torpedo 46. Depart Pretty Corner 10.00. Erpingham 10.30.

Destination – the torpedo at Mundesley. Bring some nourishment. Takeaway coffee available from the door of the Corner House. Cash only. Mask required.

As we will almost certainly need to split, I will send a route file to various people.

2. April 24th. Sitootery 50. Depart PC 10.00. Pick up to be confirmed. All welcome.

Destination – one of the cafes with a large open air seating capacity, anticipating that weekends will be busy. Venue to be determined by the weather and who turns up on the day or whether a certain number of riders commit in advance to the event.

Hopefully, this will be followed by similar, but possibly slightly longer rides on 1st, 8th and 15th May. The future might entail small compact groups carrying downloadable route files.

See full list of club runs here