6th April 10m TT start list

28 riders have fixed numbers for the season. Please bring back any last seasons numbers and get your new number at the start. Observe social distancing and sign on, please be as quick as possible. Keep your number until the end of the racing season. If not riding let us know so space can be used by Guests. Two-ups, tandems and team TTs are allowed again this year. See full procedures here: https://nnwheelers.co.uk/time-trials/.

1Towning, Susie
2Daykin, Tim
3Maynard, Jon
4Marshall, Amanda
5Elvin, Paul
6Thorold, Guy
7Jay, Ady
8Jay, Sarah
9Johnson, Ben
10Padfield, Mike
11Platts, Brian
12Comber, Jon 
13Collyer, Richard
14Watkins, Phil
15Kitchen, Rob
16Morgan, John
17Walsh, Nigel
18Hayward, John
19Williams, Stuart 
20Mace, Carl
21Denny, Graham
22Harrowing, Paul
23Hurr, Phil
24Chestney, Alex
25Stedman, Callum
26Morrison, Kim
27Sparrow, Jamie
28Procter, Sam
29Rush, Isla (Guest)