Restart Club Run to Mundesley, 10/4/2021

Following a 23 weeks break, the tentative restart run took place in dry conditions with a cold north easterly wind.

Nine riders were involved at some stage during the ride, including Duncan from the Northants-based club, A5 Rangers.

This latest attempt to split weekend club runs into viable pace groups was cleverly foiled by the tactically sophisticated North Norfolk Wheelers. Those of us who have ridden a lot of these runs over recent years realise that if this element of the Wheelers’ activities is to be revitalised to accommodate wide ranging abilities, an unarguably ageing cohort and some new blood then an effort to ride as separate groups might well be worth the bother in the longer-term. The present attempt will depend on the circulation of a downloadable route file for the day.

Under current restrictions, today’s event depended on refuelling alfresco (in the true meaning of the word on a cold day) at the Royal Engineers memorial on Mundesley seafront. The worst combination was pork pie with hummus and chilli and there wasn’t a Marmite sandwich to be seen.

The official start to finish route was relatively short, but distances ridden varied greatly up to a maximum of about 65 miles.

Thanks to Scott for leading today’s vanguard group. Next week Ben will be leading a group on a loop down to the Wensum valley en route to refreshments at the tables outside the cafe at the former Reepham station.