Club Run, 15/12/18

Brian and Harvey rode from Pretty Corner to Itteringham to pick up Malcolm and David for the club run to Pensthorpe, from where David was collected by car to endure the equivalent of forty lashes –> a visit to a Garden Centre followed by shopping in King’s Lynn. The complement was made up to four again when Geoff arrived direct from home to join the homeward leg. One rider lost contact after Thurning and had to be retrieved by way of the age old, trusted technique of riding round in circles until he was spotted flying along in the wrong direction: he swears that he could see the three riders ahead of him, but he looked down to see the time and when he looked up again they had “vanished”!

It was a truly starving wind today, but the threatened afternoon sleet and rain didn’t materialise until 5.00 p.m. Milder next week.

PC to PC 50 miles/ Max: 62 miles.