Small Bunch to East Rudham on 1/5/2021

For various reasons not many were expected today and that’s how it turned out. A bunch of four rode a long south westerly loop down to Jane’s on the village green at East Rudham, where we had booked a patio table sheltered from the worst of the persistent northerly winds. As the inside seating capacity at Jane’s is very limited, it is a few years since we have visited this venue. However, there are now several picnic tables set out on the village green, so weekend numbers can be accommodated comfortably if the weather is co-operative. A run down in summer by a different route seems very much on the cards.

The route out was conventional to Hindolveston and Fulmodeston, then Stibbard, Ryburgh, Colkirk, North Raynham, West Raynham, Helhoughton and Broomsthorpe. Return was via West Rudham, West Raynham, South Raynham, Whissonsett, Horningtoft, Gately, Broom Green, Guist, Wood Norton, Guestwick, Corpusty and a 3:1 split at Mannington.

The weather was light showers in the morning, mixed cloud and sun and then a heavy band of rain during the early afternoon which rendered the lanes through Gately and down to the Wensum awash with stones, sand and flint. Consequently there was another adventure with a tubeless tyre. This one however retained most of its gunge (white version), but required three attempts to insert the sealing plug into what was a fairly long slit in the tyre.

Graham A, Duncan O, Brian and Harvey enjoyed a good day out on the bikes, cold wind, showers and tubeless tyre notwithstanding. We hope there are more can make it for the next two runs to Waxham and Mattishall, the last two weeks of outside catering.

The group of four spoke to five other Wheelers on the road today and only two of them were together.

With no Sheringham starters out and no pick up points, the distances covered were all substantial today, up to a maximum of about 82 miles.