Waxham Great Barn on 22/5/2021

Only six riders were tempted out in still cold May weather with some early light rain driven by a strong north westerly which diminished slowly as the day progressed. Four from Pretty Corner collected one at Gresham and another one at Erpingham before riding by way of Banningham, Swanton Hill, Worstead, Honing, Brumstead Common, Ingham and Calthorpe Fen to the very busy cafe at Waxham*. The return section of this anti-clockwise loop was via Lessingham, Happisburgh Common, Ridlington, Edingthorpe Green, Knapton, Trunch, Thorpe Market, Hanworth, Sustead, Gresham and West Beckham.

Group: Ben; Brian; Duncan; Graham A; Harvey and Mark. // Distances: 60 miles to 93 miles (Ben, who is training for the King of the Wheatsheaf title).

*The coastal cafes have become noticeably busier at weekends over the past few years and this trend has been accelerated by the recent return to a semblance of normality.

More observant Wheelers will have noticed that since the April restart we seem to be spending a lot of time in the vicinity of the east coast. This has been due to a combination of no strategic planning and a range of circumstances. Fortunately the phenomenal number of varied roads in that area has allowed us to avoid any significant repetition.

What the North Norfolk Wheelers need now is is a dedicated Strava ride as well as a steadier club run. There must be at least 8-10 keen Strava fans in the club who could make up Saturday groups of six or more, riding on some rather faster roads than the traditional club run contingent.