Cafe Runs Restart, 17/4/2021

Eight riders split into two flexible groups for the first weekend cafe run since October. The ‘training group’ set a brisk pace, while the ‘touring group’ varied their pace on a glorious spring day for the ride to Reepham station, where the staff made a fantastic job of dealing with mass outdoor catering at a very busy cafe.

The route went by way of Itteringham, Cawston, Attlebridge, Easthaugh, Lyng, Fustyweed, Sparham and Whitwell Common to the break. A shorter return journey picked up the lanes through Kerdiston, Guestwick, Burnthouse, Craymere ford, Briston, Cross Street, Baconsthorpe and Bodham Hill. The distances ranged up to 65 miles.

Riders out today: Ben; Brian; Duncan O; Graham A; Harvey; Ian S; Malcolm; Stuart W. John Hayward and Andy Argyle were at the cafe.

One puncture (early morning). One rider was fitted out with a 38t single chainring and a 42t bottom sprocket. Despite an early morning intravenous chemical booster another rider was going no better than last week.

Thanks to Ben for leading this run and driving from the front all day.

Next week Coltishall, with a route file to be circulated via e.mail.