Run to Dollies at Coltishall on 24/4/2021

Eleven coureurs rode to Coltishall in two loose groups, which became less and less coherent as the day wore on. By Ingworth one rider had picked up a slow puncture, requiring periodic inflation. At Drabblesgate another rider was losing air and decided this was caused by a dickey valve, resulting in two of the bunch heading for the nearby Aylsham Cycle Centre. Acquiring a new valve proved to be simple. However, the unfortunate complication turned out to be that it wasn’t the valve causing the problem but a thin slit in the tubeless tyre, resulting in a psychedelic nightmare on Burgh bridge, where a combination of thick orange gunge and a thinner pink gunge were inserted in large quantities through the slit. On inflation of the tyre, this lurid gunge found various orifices through which to re-emerge and run down the rim and spokes. As this procedure was being performed a friendly local on a hybrid bike stopped to offer assistance, thereby threatening to add his lime green version of gunge to the mix. The tyre did seal however and the rider in question was able to nurse the bike back home and get in his desired quota of miles for the day. This delay also meant that one Wheeler had to ride solo to the cafe and was late for his Dollie’s Bun.

*The Route File version of this club run was Erpingham, Aylsham, Brampton, Buxton, Stratton Strawless, Frettenham, Stanninghall and Heggatt Hall to Coltishall. Returning by way of Belaugh Green, Ashmanaugh, Neatishead, Tunstead church, Worstead, Swanton Hill, Tuttington, Colby, Thwaite Common, Sustead church, Gresham and Chaucer’s Hill.

Riders out: Stuart W; Scott; Neil S (wearing his GS Giro maglia rosa); Malcolm; Ian S; Harvey; Graham J; Graham A; Duncan; Brian; Ben.

Distances ranged wildly, up to a maximum of 74 miles.

*The objective is to accommodate as many riders as possible in differing pace groups. However, one of the fundamental splits in personnel is between the Strava-hungry technophiles and the ‘traditionalists’ (technophobes and Luddites). The majority of those who load the route to their Garmin have a more general affinity with the brisker group, while the majority of the ‘traditionalists’ are so traditional that they won’t even take a look at the transcribed written directions, which would seem to bring them out in a rash. This is all a bit unfortunate for the poor mug who spends quite a bit of time and effort putting these things together.

Thanks to Scott for managing to guide two different groups with his downloaded route file.

For those who seem to be in some doubt about what’s happening next week, the next couple of club runs are posted on the NNW website.