NNW Weekend Club Runs

Moving into May seems as good a time as any to make a few observations following thirteen disrupted months and a tentative restart. We have realistic aspirations to return to something resembling normality, including, hopefully, full access to cafes. As we pick up the pieces after a long year there is a genuine desire to revitalise club runs while also seeking ways to include everyone who is interested in this side of cycling club life. Those of you who have been participating since the alfresco restart at the beginning of April will have your own ideas about how things are going and any alternative ideas will be welcome, while bearing in the mind the current objective of accommodating all-comers without too much disruption.

It is probably worth pointing out that we are trying to get away from the habit of the first, and especially the last, few miles of club runs always following a limited number of identical routes. Over a period of several years a lot of members have enjoyed riding hugely varied routes, so why miss a lot of variety closer to home? Some might see this as adding an unwelcome couple of miles on the way home, but the runs at the moment are in fact a bit shorter than is customary.