Club Run to The Three Swallows, Cley on 5th May 2021

This was Andrew’s first ride a Run Captain going solo without Malcolm there for guidance. It was good to see Jane A joining us again after a long break.

The route took us west against a fairly strong wind, through Lower Bodam, Hempstead to up a steep but picturesque lane to Edgefield where we crossed the main Norwich road. We then continued onto Huntsworth, Briston and Sharington, then crossing the main A148 when there was a sufficient gap in the holiday traffic! Jane decided to continue to the pub on her own at this point and the rest of the group took a slightly longer route via. Bale, Hindringham, Binham, Langham and Wiveton. On arrival at the pub, Jane had found a good table at the top of the garden sheltered from the wind and we all enjoyed a good lunch, mostly in the sun.

After lunch Jane decided to head home to Blakeney the remainder of us headed back to PC. The route took us to Kelling via. Long Lane with great views of the sea, and then up to High Kelling where Duncan left us to make his way back home to Holt. Retracing our steps shortly to Hempstead and the to Baconsthorpe, after some confusion caused by navigational errors by the leader. From there we made our way to North Barningham where Graham and Robert left us to make their own way. Andrew and Mark continued to the Red Barn Lane, where we spilt up to make our separate ways home.

Estimated distance PC to PC was 38 miles.

Duncan, Robert, Graham, Mark and Jane, led by Andrew B.