Club Run to Reepham, Station Café on 7th July 2021

Six riders met at Pretty Corner for the ride to the ever popular Station Café at Reepham (now open 7days/week). It was good to welcome back Chris B after a long absence, riding his great looking titanium/carbon Merlin. Setting off into a noticeable SSW wind and ominous clouds, the clockwise route via, Gresham, Metton, Hanworth, Calthorpe, Ingworth, Silvergate to Oulton Street, avoided most of the wind.  The run from Oulton Street to Swannington was unable to avoid the breeze, but then we headed west and north through Alderford and the back lanes into Reepham. Despite the lack of sun, the day was warm and we enjoyed our lunch outside. As the Tour was tacking two ascents of Mont Ventoux, Kevin was sporting a Mont Ventoux shirt he got after cycling up it himself, chapeau Kevin.

Jane had met us at the café and joined the ride home, while Chris headed back to Aylsham, which kept the numbers the same. Opting for the less travelled route back to Briston, via Kerdiston and Guestwick, our navigator mistook a goat track for a road, though with the mud, gravel and grass growing down the middle of many back lanes, they can be hard to tell apart, or so he claims! At Briston, John S opted to head directly to PC, reluctantly missing out on the Stody, Hunworth, Edgefield hill climbing section! At Stody, Graham A decided a rest was required and arranged a puncture (Vittoria Rubino Pro for those keeping score at home). Suitably rested we tackled the hill to Edgefield and on to Baconsthorpe, West Beckham and back to PC. 

PC to PC was 48 miles and no showers.

Andrew B, Graham A, Kevin, John S, Chris B, Jane and led by Mark