Club Run on 17th July 2021

Nine Wheelers turned out for this 60 odd miles tour of some of north east Norfolk’s smaller lanes. The bright and breezy conditions were ideal for riding these ‘agricultural’ roads. When riding a route such as this it is always interesting to hear people who have been cycling in the area for twenty years and more remark that they have no idea where they are. I won’t spoil their fun by disclosing where they were, but we did visit Wickmere Lower Street, Great Wood Mausoleum, Meeting House Hill, Hill 60, the Harvey Estate and Sally Bean’s House.

Refuelling was in the beer garden at the Lighthouse Inn.

One slow unauthorised deflation. One strained knee. One rider hearing voices.

One rider from nine made it back to the finish, representing a failure rate of 88.8888%.

Bunch: – Ben; Brian; Chris; Geoff; Graham A; Graham J; Harvey; Mark; Matty.

Obviously distances varied a lot, but the Mutton lads put in 87 miles. A clear case of Muttons performing like lambs.