TT start list 20th July

Note a few permanent number changes for the second half of the season. Please swap your numbers over at the start.


10m TT Pretty Corner20-July-21 – 7pm startClubNotes
1Aggers, MickMelton Olympic CC 
2Daykin, TimNNW 
3Maynard, JonNNW 
4Marshall, AmandaNNW 
5Hayward, JohnNNWnumber change
6Thorold, GuyNNW 
7Jay, AdyNNW 
8Jay, SarahNNW 
9Johnson, BenECR 
10Padfield, MikeNNW 
11Platts, BrianNNW 
12Morgan, JohnNNWnumber change
13Walsh, NigelNNWnumber change
14Denny, GrahamNNWnumber change
15Harrowing, PaulNNWnumber change
16Watkins, PhilNNWnumber change
17Farrell, PeteECR 
18Supple, StuartGuest 
19Morrison, KimDrag2Zeronumber change
20Sparrow, JamieKLCCnumber change
21Swan, LilleGuest 
22Swan, AdamGuest 
23Partridge, NickGuest