Club Run to The Three Swallow at Cley on 18th August 2021

Five Wheelers met at PC on an overcast but mainly dry summer day with light wind. The route to Cley, took us through Gresham, Sustead and Aldborough where we stopped to put on waterproofs due to light rain. This successfully put off the rain and having stopped to take kit off again we proceeded via. Calthorpe, Wolerton, Itteringham, Corputsy, Briston, Sharrington, Lethrringsett and Glandford. There were some challenges to navigation as the route kindly provided by Jane did not show properly on Garmin. However, with reliance made to good old fashioned map reading we all arrived safely were we enjoyed lunch in the pub garden. 

After lunch Jane left us to return home to Blakeney. The rest of us proceeded on the normal root back to PC via High Kelling, but with a detour to Kelling via Long Lane. Duncan spilt of for the route to Holt at the start of the lane and Graham left us at Kelling to make his way back to Cromer. Although the wind had begun to pick up the rain held off and hopefully everyone got home dry.

PC to PC was 40 miles

Graham A, Duncan, Jane A and Mark, led by Andrew B.