Club Run to Walsingham on 11/12/2021.

There were five takers for the weekend club run to The Victorious at Little Walsingham. There was some early black ice, but this cleared by about 9.45. This relatively short ride went by way of West Beckham, Bodham, Salthouse Heath, up the Downs, a southerly detour to Langham, across the common to Cockthorpe, Binham, the Hindringham by-road, Copy’s Green and the Great Walsingham ford. The fare at the cafe consisted of a choice between thick pumpkin soup and doorstep sandwiches. The even shorter post-prandial route climbed to Great Snoring, over to Hindringham and the succession of villages that trip of North Norfolk Wheelers’ tongues (Bale, Sharrington, Brinton, Stody, Briston and Baconsthorpe), over Bodham Hill and a final loop via Upper Sheringham and Cranfield Road. A short club run that enabled everyone to get home before the earliest sunset of the winter.

Group: Brian; Harvey; Jim; Mark; Neil Mc.

Distances: 47 miles to 64 miles.

One puncture: Rear 28 mm Marathon Plus! An iron hard thorn that had worked through thick layers of butyl and kevlar. The culprit was so firmly embedded in these inflexible layers that it defied efforts to push it it through with both sewing machine screwdriver and camping tin opener. It finally succumbed to a small bent rusty nail that Brian found and has added to his comprehensive collection of tools.

Addendum 12/12/21: – (From Cycling UK Forum). “One thing I have found with thorn punctures with the Marathon Plus is that when you get a thorn in that causes a puncture it can be really difficult to remove the thorn and I’ve ended up having to replace a tyre as a thorn broke and a bit remained in the tyre.”