Club Run to The Rising Sun, Coltishall on 8th December 2021

A strong South Westerly and light rain greeted today’s two Wheelers at PC for what was a tough 20 mile run down to Coltishall. Despite the route heading in a general SE direction, the wind was relentless and on the odd occasion when the road briefly headed SW, it almost stopped us in our tracks. So the route via Bessingham, Wickmere, Ingworth, Aylsham, Lamas to Coltishall, seemed further than the 20 miles.

The Rising Sun was a welcome stop, with the wood fired pizza oven helping to dry us out and good food including Christmas pud, to fuel us for the next longer leg home.  As we left, the rain had stopped and we were looking forward to the wind on our backs as we headed past Tunstead Church, Worstead, Briggate, skirted around North Walsham to Swafield, Thorpe Market, Hanworth, Gresham to our split at Red Barn Lane.

The unluckiest Wheeler of the day award goes to Malcolm, who had set off to meet us at Coltishall but a combination of a freak gust of wind and a road full of leaf mulch resulted in a crash as he headed towards the Reedham ferry. Bike and rider ended up battered and bruised but fortunately nothing broken, though Malcolm did have to saw off the damaged end of his handlebars when he got home. Think of the weight savings Malcolm, it was not all in vain!

All in all a tough day out with plenty of bike cleaning required once home.

PC to PC was 46 miles with an average of 14mph