Club Run to Coltishall on 18/12/2021.

Six riders, including new man Dan, assembled in the fog for the run down to No. 77 Cafe in the Red Lion at Coltishall. The first leg was the very familiar direct route to Erpingham, on to Ingworth, down Drabblegate, some cyclo-cross at Dunkirk, the Burgh Hall Lane, the Skeyton Alps, The Goat, Scottow, Tunstead and Belaugh Green. There are less tables and chairs at this third incarnation of the Red Lion caff, but the Wheelers were accommodated in a cosy corner with a table, two benches and a couple of easy chairs. During the latter part of the morning a murky version of the golden globe in the sky made an appearance for about ninety seconds. Unfortunately Neil S chose to comment on this phenomenon, thereby guaranteeing that even thicker fog would descend in the afternoon. It was a fairly short ride back, via St. James, Hautbois, medieval Mayton bridge, where the lane was particularly busy (the reason for the heavy traffic was revealed a mile or so up the road, where we discovered the new Saturday afternoon sport of queuing at the Mayton Wood Recycling Centre). It was then a couple of unavoidable short stretches of main road before hitting the lanes through Hainford and Stratton Strawless to Buxton, Brampton, Tuttington, Banningham, Colby, Thwaite Common, Alby Hill, Sustead church and the run in to the split at Gresham church.

The roads were atrocious. One puncture (rear Gatorskin).

Group: Neil S; Neil Mc; Mark; Harvey; Dan K; Brian.

Distances: 51 miles to 66 miles.

Belated seasonal wishes to Neil Mc, who most of us didn’t see turn for home from north of Buxton.