Club Run to Norton’s Café, Walsingham 15/12/2021

Four riders met at PC for the run to the ever popular Norton’s Café at Walsingham. The weather was even better than forecast with sunny clear blue skies for the whole ride and mild temperatures boosted by the sun, ideal while waiting around at puncture stops, but more of those later!

Andrew B was the designated leader but had been struck down with a heavy cold, maybe due to the previous weeks ride in rain and wind and so missed the best day of winter so far. Mark took over the pathfinding role, with a conventional route out to Kelling and Salthouse Heath, then Cley Newgate, Glandford ford, Wiveton Downs, Saxlingham, Field Dalling, Binham, Copy’s Green, Gt Walsingham ford and a little loop to the West of Walsingham to join the Egmere Road back into Walsingham.

Norton’s was fairly busy on arrival but we got a table indoors fortunately and the food was good and filling. The beef stew is still excellent Kevin!

The route home started a little differently, going via the ford at Houghton St Giles, up to Gt Snoring, then Thursford Green, Gunthorpe, Brinton, Stody, Hunworth and up the hill to Edgefield. It was decided to save some time and a couple of miles by deviating off the planned route and going the traditional route back to Baconsthorpe, where Duncan headed back to Holt. Leaving three to climb the hill to Geoff’s Corner and then Red Barn Lane back to PC.

And now to John S and his punctures, two in fact, both in his rear Conti Gatorskin. The first cry of Puncture! came less than a couple of miles from Walsingham and despite John urging us to carry on, we decided to stay to offer moral support and plenty of free advice, none of which was taken! 

Puncture number two was as we turned onto Red Barn Lane, so again within a couple of miles of our destination. Once more John urged us to carry on, but it fell on deaf ears as we still had more advice to give as the sun began to set. Despite our best efforts, John was fixed and ready to go in no time (probably due to his earlier practice). Both punctures looked as if they had been caused by best Norfolk flint and were separate punctures. Better luck next week John.

Excellent weather and good company made for an enjoyable winter ride.

PC to PC was 43 miles with an average of 13.7mph and 1800 ft/549m of climbing.

John S, Duncan, Graham A and Mark