Club Run to Walcott on 12/2/2022.

This was the third consecutive windy Saturday, although the velocity of the gusts becomes a little bit less each week. Five North Norfolk Wheelers set out from Pretty Corner, picking up Chris B south of Gresham, who was out for a morning ride and accompanied the bunch as far as Antingham. The route to the always welcoming Lighthouse Inn was by way of Hanworth Common, Thorpe Market, Trunch, Edingthorpe Green, Crostwight Heath, Hill 60*, Happisburgh Common and Ostend.

After some high quality nourishment it was in and out of the gusty wind again, following a contorted route via Witton, Bacton Gas Terminal, Paston, the edge of Mundesley, the back lane to Trunch, Stump Cross, Hungry Hill, Sally Bean’s House, Metton and Sustead to a split at Gresham.

*The summit of Hill 60 is reputed to stand sixty feet above sea level at Happisburgh. However, the more recent metric Ordnance Survey denotes 19 metres elevation. North Norfolk Wheelers are therefore looking for a volunteer to knock on the door of Hill 60 cottage to tell the owners that they need to change the name of their bungalow to Hill 62.335958.

Bunch: Brian; Harvey; Mark; Neil Mc; Neil S + Chris B out for a short one as he gets back to full health following an autumn bout of Covid.

Distances: 53 miles to 72 miles.