Club Run to The Teapot at North Elmham on 16th February 2022

After much discussion about wind strength, four riders met at Pretty Corner. The ride leader Graham Aldous, who has a wind phobia, wanted to do the ride, prompting a view that his email had been taken over by impostors! It was a mild day with sun at times. There was a head wind on the way to North Elmham but apart from the open road to Corpusty there was shelter from hedges on mostly minor roads. The route took the riders to Foulsham, Bintree and Billingford. The riders enjoyed a “Danish” lake district view over the Wensum valley and flooded gravel pits en route to Mill Street and Worthing. A well deserved excellent lunch was enjoyed. The route back was easy with the following wind, but it did not help the steep ride past Bintree Mill. Andrew had to dismount after a missed gear. The route then took riders to Twyford, Foulsham and near Thurning Andrew picked up a thorn puncture while on his Thorn steel bike and Marathon tyres. The rain held off and the ride was enjoyed, even with the wind.

PC to PC 47 miles

Average speed 13.5 mph           Total Elevation 1,660 ft

Andrew B, Mark, Duncan and Graham A leading.