Club Run to Junction 21, Themelthorpe 02/03/2022

Three Wheelers met at PC on a chilly and overcast morning for the inaugural Wednesday run to the Junction 21 café at Themelthorpe. Geoff P stopped to say he would meet us there for lunch too.

The route out took us via Gresham, Bessingham, Matlaske and Wickmere to Itteringham, then the traditional route down to Cawston. From Cawston the roads became smaller and well coated in mud and water as we went via Brandiston, Little and Great Witchingham, Jordan Green to Themelthorpe.

As we arrived at the café, we found a forlorn looking Geoff P wandering the garden as the café was shut for the day due to a ‘mechanical problem’. Not to be beaten, we headed to the ever reliable Station café at Reepham and managed to get an inside table for the four of us. An inside table not only gives the benefit of warmth but also real crockery and grown-ups cutlery!

Suitably refreshed we headed off. Geoff on his own route and the rest heading up to Thurning to join up with the original route home. This took us through Edgefield Street, Plumstead, Baconsthorpe and Bodham Hill back to PC for a total of 45 miles.

Andrew B, Graham A, Mark leading and Geoff P joining us for lunch.

Pc to PC was 45 miles