Club Run to Dunes Café, Waxham Barn 09/03/2022

Graham A and Mark were pleased to be joined at PC by Robert N, out on his first Wheelers ride of the year. As we stood in the sun, sheltered from the fairly strong Southerly wind, we were all feeling overdressed in our winter kit. As the day progressed, we had more sunshine than forecast and the roads remained dry apart from two flooded sections, so I could have worn shorts and leg warmers and a light shirt under my jacket and been warm enough.

Our route to Waxham was mainly south easterly with a cross wind on the right shoulder. Via Bessingham, Hanworth, Suffield, Bradfield, North Walsham to Briggate, where we picked up John S. John only had a couple of hours free, but he wanted to join us for lunch and to get in a few miles.
From Honing it was East Ruston to Ingham, where we stayed on the main road to Waxham to keep the mileage for the out leg to 28 miles.

At the Café as we were putting our bikes into the new cycle racks, we saw ex-ride leader Malcolm S, who had taken advantage of the great weather and strong tailwind to join us from St Olaves. I expect the journey home was not so easy!

As the courtyard of the barn was fairly sheltered we decided to sit outside and enjoy a good lunch, coffee and a chat. John had to leave us first, then after another twenty minutes or so of chatting, we were all beginning to feel the cold, so after bidding farewell to Malcolm, we set off for home.

For a change, we went down the beach road at Sea Palling, past the wooden chalets and beach homes, an area that seems as if time has stood still, but would have all been washed away in the 1953 floods and is now behind the new sea defences.

Then it was Lessingham, Witton, Knapton, Trunch to Southrepps Lower Street, where Graham and Robert turned off for Cromer and Mark went to Thorpe Market, Hanworth, Sustead, Gresham back to PC.

PC to PC 55 miles

Graham A, Robert N and Mark leading, with guest appearances by John S and Malcolm S