Club Run to Gressenhall on 21/5/2022.

Seven Wheelers departed from Pretty Corner to ride by way of Baconsthorpe and Plumstead Green to Briston, where they picked up Jim and Jason. So a bunch of nine headed for the Mardler’s Rest via Guestwick, Foulsham, Bintree watermill, Great Heath, Brisley, East Bilney, Willow Grange, Bittering and Dunfer Hole. The cafe was surprisingly quiet, so the staff were pleased to see a substantial group. After a few unscheduled laps of the car park, the bunch headed back along the Gorgate lane, down the Blackwater to Worthing, along the Wensum to Bylaugh, Mill Street, Fustyweed, Lyng, Easthaugh and Attlebridge before climbing over to Swannington (from where Jason turned for home), Clay Lane, the Ratcatcher’s (Neil headed for home from here), Cawston and the direct route back via Itteringham (Graham A departed here for Cromer). The bunch chatted on Itteringham bridge with Chris Knowles, returned from his two year exile in Northampton.

Steel, aluminium, carbon and titanium were all in evidence today.

Group: Neil Mc; Mark; Jim (out only for the morning); Jason; Harvey; Graham J; Graham A; Chris S; Brian.

Distances (for the PC starters): 68 miles to 82 miles.