Club Run to The Courtyard Café, Holkham on 18th May 2022

On a warm and sunny day six riders set off southwards (as usual) from Pretty Corner (PC) for an outing to Holkham. It was good to see Kevin after a very long absence and Duncan after a shorter absence. The familiar route chosen took us to Briston before Graham J suffered a side wall puncture soon after Craymere Beck. Passing through Hindolveston, Stibbard and Gt Ryburgh, Hempton was reached. On old main roads (Cycle Route 1) we reached Sculthorpe and went northwards keeping on Cycle Route 1. Using a short length of off-road was not universally popular. At N Barsham we turned westwards and at Waterden we followed a route of a Roman Road to a small hamlet of Quarles and soon afterwards passed through a gate of Holkham Park. The views of the great house and lake from higher ground were stunning. After a longer than usual ride at least one rider rushed to the courtyard re-fueling point. The route back to PC was much shorter, leaving via a photo pose next to a bronze figure of Lord Coke, and Burnham Thorpe. The route basically followed Cycle Route 30  on the high ground with open views passing through Langham and across the Glaven valley. Three riders peeled off near Holt at different points leaving the final three to return to PC.

PC to PC 63 miles

Average speed 14.5 mph Total Elevation 2,100 ft

Graham A (leader), Graham J, Andrew, Mark, Kevin and Duncan.