Club Run to Hoe on 11/6/2022.

Several Wheelers were out of action this week so a small field was anticipated. Four left Pretty Corner to collect one more at Oulton, from where the small bunch rode in warm sun and a strong south westerly to the Fork in Hoe by way of Cawston, the Witchinghams, Lenwade, Easthaugh, Fustyweed, Bylaugh and Robertson Barracks. Refreshments were taken on the verandah on two deep comfortable couches. Michelle headed home to Fakenham from here, leaving four to head back north east via Swanton Morley Eastgate, Pennyspot Hill, Elsing, the dreaded concrete road, which has now been patched with tarmac to the dismay of any two-wheeled masochists, the descent of Cadder’s Hill, Lyng, Blackwater Equestrian, Eade’s Mill, Furze Lane and Reepham to Wood Dalling for a split that left only two to finish off on the little lanes to Crabgate, Red Pits, Holly Heath, Ramsgate Street and unscheduled detours over the Pond Hills to Hempstead, Selbrigg and Bodham.

Bunch: Neil Mc; Michelle H (who is training for the Bolton Ironman); Mark; Jason; Harvey.

Distances: 47 miles to 78 miles.