Club Run to Jane’s, East Rudham 15/06/2022

Only two wheelers were available for the longish (65mile) run to Jane’s, on a very warm and sunny day with a light SE breeze.
To try to keep the route west as direct as possible, we went to Holt and then down the main road to Letheringset before climbing the hill up to Sharrington and on to Bale and Hindringham. At Little Walsingham we checked on the Victorious café, having heard that it had closed and unfortunately that was the case. We then had a detour to view Walsingham railway station and platform, now occupied by St. Seaphims Orthodox Chapel:
Onwards and upwards to South Creake and Syderstone then a loop out to see the deer at Houghton Hall before reaching Jane’s, only to discover it was closed! Our ride leader claimed that he meant to check it was open before setting off and that it was open on the last visit!
Fortunately the Crown was next door and though more expensive did have some good food and a welcome beer, all enjoyed outside under the shade of a parasol.
After a longer than normal lunch break we finally set off and found that the wind had increased and we were now working against it. We crossed the A148 at Sculthorpe Mill then enjoyed the climb from East Barsham to Great Snoring, then via Thursford and Gunthorpe to Hunworth, where the climb up to Edgefield seemed unusually long today. The final leg from Edgefield to PC was fortunately wind assisted.
Close to Geoff’s corner we met Kevin, unable to join us for the day but out for a late afternoon 30mile ride to keep the legs in shape.

PC to PC a hilly 65 miles with 802m / 2631ft of climbing and an average speed of 13.6 mph
Graham A with Mark M leading.