Club Run to Poppylands, Horsey 29/06/2022

Four Wheelers met at PC, to be greeted with a light rain shower, that would continue intermittently for the next hour. We set off on a south-easterly course via Hanworth, Suffield and North Walsham to pick up John S in Honing.
Alas, the pick up didn’t go as planned. The roads around Honing had just been resurfaced, so John decided to head out to meet us and to take us on a route to avoid the resurfacing. We arrived at the other end of the resurfaced road and decided to try a detour to avoid it, without much luck as it turned out, and in the process missed John.
So as we arrived into Honing, John phones from White Horse Common. It’s decided that we will continue on and catch up with John another day. However, the thought of missing out on 1940’s style Spam fritters was enough for John to organise a lift with his wife and to chase us down, catching up with us on the Brumstead Road. We were most surprised to see John and his bike emerging from a car. Chapeau John!
By now the clouds had been blown away by a steady Southerly wind and it was very warm as we continued to Sea Palling, Waxham to Horsey.
Poppylands was busy with people indoors and out, though we were able to get a shaded table outside. Poppylands is a 1940’s themed café and does it very well, with lots of period memorabilia and quirky menus. Sadly, today the Spam fritters were off the menu but corned beef hash served in a mess tin was popular, with three Wheelers choosing it. The tea cosy was in the shape of an aircraft, though one which had crashed into the drink a few times too many.
Suitably fed and watered and now with a tail wind, we retraced our route to Sea Palling, then along the beach road to Lessingham, Ridlington to Bacton Woods, where John headed for home. Then it was the regular route to Knapton (where they are still digging up the road), Trunch, South and Northrepps, where Graham A headed for Cromer, Metton, Gresham and PC.

PC to PC 59 flattish miles with an average speed of 14.5 miles
Andrew B, Graham A, Graham J, John S and Mark M leading