Club Run to Coltishall 13/07/2022

Only two Wheelers were available for the ride to the Rising Sun in Coltishall. An overcast sky and north wind kept the temperature in check until around lunchtime, when the clouds cleared and the sun was very hot out of the wind.
Our route south took us via Alby Hill, Suffield, Swanton Abbott, Worstead, Anchor Street, Ashmanhaugh and across the two railways into Coltishall.

As we arrived at the Rising Sun, we could see that it was very busy, with no free tables outside, so after checking there were no other Wheelers waiting for us, we went up the road to the No.77 café, which was quiet. We found a well shaded table outside and enjoyed our lunch and drinks.
On our return leg we decided to do some sightseeing and went down to Horstead Mill and the now disused navigation lock, the first of five, that allowed wherries to travel up-river to Aylsham, from 1779 until the great flood of 1912 which damaged all the locks beyond economic repair.
Incidentally, it was the same flood that destroyed the bridge at Itteringham.
We continued our adventures by taking the partial unmade road which runs around the east side of Coltishall airfield, two very good sections of tarmac are joined by a short section of rough unmade farm track, but perfectly rideable on sturdy tyres. We then looped around the top of the airfield on the main road and then turned south back into the old base via Scottow church before heading for Buxton, Brampton, Banningham, Erpingham and on to Sustead where we parted ways.

PC to PC was 51 miles at a leisurely 13.4mph average.
Graham A and Mark M
Reminder that next week’s ride is to the new café at Binham.