Club Run to The Three Horseshoes at Warham 12 December 2018

Four Wheelers met at PC for Andrew’s ride to this increasingly popular (especially for pie lovers) venue located a short distance from Wells and just down the road from Warham Camp. Conditions were dry and surprisingly mild with only a gentle breeze – perfect!

We followed a tried and tested route through Baconsthorpe and Edgefield and on to Briston. Craymere Beck was in full flow but the first through were quick to alert following riders of ice on the other side – yes it had been pretty cold the night before and the thaw hadn’t reached the shaded spots!

We continued on to Thurning, Hindolveston and Fulmodeston at which point we turned right to take us to Croxton and Barney and up to the A148. Safely across we reached Thursford, then Hindringham, Wighton and our mid ride destination at Warham but not before an invitation from our leader to explore the Camp – which we decided to leave for another time.

The Three Horseshoes was very welcoming with its open fire, tasty menu and selection of real ales (which 3 of the 4 just couldn’t resist). After such a hearty lunch a lack of calories was not going to be an issue and we set off in the direction of Binham. On reaching this pleasant village Andrew announced that we would approach Langham via Cockthorpe thus avoiding the reasonably steep and certainly long drag up the Langham Road. However in doing so we did experience our first taste of headwind but not strong enough to slow the pace substantially.

After Langham it was a straight route to Wiveton where we said goodbye to Andrew and began the long haul up Bridgefoot Lane on to the Holt Road and then Bridge Road all the way up to High Kelling and the Cromer Road. Having crossed to the other side of this busy road there was a final split as 2 of the remaining 3 decided to take the high road (the main road) back to Pretty Corner leaving Malcolm to wend his lonesome, solitary but not lonely, way via Geoff’s Corner to the junction of Mill Road and Red Barn Lane where he pondered completing today’s route back to PC but instead descended to Gresham and thereafter Bessingham, Thurgarton, Aldborough, Erpingham, Colby, Suffield and home.

Many thanks to Andrew for leading today’s ride – a good day out and good company.

No punctures, no incidents, no (wet) mud, lights definitely needed as even on a good day it’s dark enough after 3.30ish and maybe even a bit before that.

Alan, Andrew, Malcolm, Robert

43 miles PC to PC (65 miles max)


Club Run to The Banningham Crown 5 December 2018

This run was billed as The Horse and Groom at Tunstead but such were the conditions as 4 hardy souls met at PC that it was universally agreed that The Crown (with the prospect of an open fire) was the preferred venue. If any other Wheeler did venture out and went to Tunstead to meet us please accept our apologies!

As we approached Mill Road the weather was worsening but Malcolm had offered the others a reasonably mud free route to our revised venue and John S (the original leader for the day) was happy to let him get on with it.

After Aldborough we climbed Thwaite Hill and passed through Alby. On reaching the A140 it’s fair to say that we were all well and truly soaked but thankfully not soaked through except perhaps for hands and feet. The appalling resurfacing along White Post Road continuing in fact all the way to Suffield just added to the test as we then reached Colby and our lunch time destination at Banningham.

Except that we were too early for lunch and settled instead for hot chocolates all round plus of course that roaring log fire which would probably have dried out our various bits of cycling gear had we stayed longer. However we were soon back on the road. The rain had stopped but Malcolm decided a swift pedal along the Trans Norfolk Highway in the direction of North Walsham was a good idea while the remaining 3 headed back to PC and beyond.

Last week there was special praise to 2 Wheelers for “just going” so it’s only fair to give the same accolade to today’s intrepid group.

Alan, Andrew, John S, Malcolm

Various distances covered today by each of the riders with Andrew doing the most so he gets the gold star!

24 miles PC to PC

Club Run to The Red Lion at Coltishall 28 November 2018


Leader JD. Words by JD

One rider gathered at PC on a wet and blustery morning and as the little hand reached 29, thoughts of a quick dash back to the car; hot coffee and a day on the sofa were on JD’s mind. As the little hand reached 30, Kevin appeared, and after the traditional game of “shall we, shan’t we”, two set off into a stiff breeze – with rain added to the mix – which was to accompany us for the 20 miles to Coltishall.

The route was through Bessingham and around the back of Aldborough to cross the A140 and head through Colby. A stretch of the Trans Norfolk Highway (no JD ride is complete without this) took us via Hylton Crossways to Skeyton Church where I’m sure was heard the ghost of a question hanging in the air “How far’s The Old Goat Inn?”

It was then past the aforementioned pub and a straight forward couple of miles going through Badersfield and Little Hautbois to a welcome lunch break.

The Red Lion provided its usual tasty fare, and after some cheerful banter with the landlord / owner, who is also a keen cyclist, it was off with a helpful tail wind.

Whilst the roads were very wet and strewn with debris, the rain kept away as we rode back through Little Hautbois and took the direct way back to PC, through Buxton, Banningham, Ingworth, Wickmere, Bessingham and Gresham.

No incidents despite the poor weather for the first half of the ride. Well worth the effort. “If in doubt – Go!”

Two out John D and Kevin

40 miles PC to PC

Editor’s Note

In the less than perfect conditions special praise has to go to John and Kevin for “just going” and keeping the flag flying for the Wednesday Wheelers. No excuse really but MS did have to go to Norwich today and therefore missed the fun – didn’t miss cleaning his bike however!

Club Run to The Kings Arms at Blakeney 21 November 2018

21 nov 18The 4 Wheelers who met at PC quite understood if others chose to stay inside and keep warm but we nevertheless looked forward to Kevin’s ride to the North Coast. The forecast had promised 6 – 9 degrees but with the wind chill it was nowhere near this.

The first part of today’s route took us south through East Beckham, Gresham, Bessingham, Matlaske and Itteringham, at which point we turned right to follow twisting and narrow lanes to Corpusty, Thurning and Hindolveston.

It was then due north to Melton Constable, Briningham, Brinton and Sharrington. An unfortunate (doubly so as it was a rear) puncture, in a Gatorskin no less, did not delay us for very long and in some ways the stop was useful allowing for natural breaks and a walk around to get the circulation going. Not sure if John felt the same way!

The last leg of the outward journey was Field Dalling, Langham and a cheeky curve (rather than the direct Langham Road) to Blakeney. Unsurprisingly we decided against al fresco dining and grabbed a table inside. Alan had driven out to join us – unfortunately not able to come on the run due to feeling rough after a flu jab! Just as we were leaving Francis arrived but sadly we couldn’t stay and share news; so after a brief hallo we were on our way, firstly making the customary parade alongside the harbour.

Andrew left us to head towards The Three Swallows and home while the remaining three climbed up to Bridge Road and High Kelling. We took a breather just after crossing the Cromer Road before following the familiar route to Geoff’s Corner and on to the junction of Mill Road and Red Barn Lane where Malcolm headed off to Gresham, Hanworth and home leaving just the two to return to PC.

Thanks very much to Kevin for devising a great route out and the shorter more direct route back meant that there would be enough time and light for the necessary bike wash after getting home.

Andrew, John S, Kevin, Malcolm – Alan and Francis at the pub.

65 kms or 40 miles PC to PC (max 60 miles ish)


Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 14 November 2018

Just 5 met at PC on yet another bright and blustery day. A south westerly wind gusting in the mid to high 20s so hard on the way out but surely not so hard on the way back!

Alan lead us first to West Beckham and then directly into the wind to Baconsthorpe. Robert told us that he hadn’t had a decent ride out for 3 or 4 weeks but he seemed to be doing fine as we pressed on to Edgefield, Hunworth, Stody and Briningham to reach Melton Constable. No respite from the headwind as we pedalled directly to Foulsham. There was a good mood in the bunch as we paused briefly before leaving Foulsham for our lunch time destination at The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham.

CJ had cycled out to meet us and, like us, hoped that the wind would be favourable on the return leg. The service and food at the Café was good quality as always and we were able to eat outside which for mid November is a definite bonus.

CJ left before us and Andrew peeled off soon after leaving and headed towards Briston which left just 4 Wheelers to make the journey back to PC.

After Salle Park we joined the Heydon Road which took us all the way into Station Road and the village of Corpusty. After crossing the B1149 there is a long steady drag up and at this point Robert’s legs felt the lack of recent miles but he battled on and we soon reached Little Barningham and then the junction with Barningham Road just after the Church of St Peter. Here there was a two way split as Malcolm and Robert headed off towards Gresham and beyond leaving Alan and Kevin to complete the circle/cycle!

Thanks very much to Alan for a well planned and executed (as always) ride out. Road conditions pretty good but potholes getting pretty bad here and there. No major bike washing today – how much longer can this good fortune last?

Alan, Andrew, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert and CJ at the Cafe

40 miles PC to PC (60 miles max)

Club Run to The Goat Inn at Skeyton 7 November 2018

As Malcolm met John S at the PC Car Park the latter remarked “I’m not sure that this is altogether a good idea!” to which Malcolm replied “Well it’s certainly breezy and not very bright!” 3 others joined M & J and the group set off into the “breeze” on Malcolm’s run to this popular watering hole.

With John almost back to full fitness and given the small size of the group plus the prospect of a tailwind on the return leg Malcolm set off at a decent pace despite the headwind! The first part of the route took us through Lower Gresham, Metton, Hanworth and the longish drag up to Thorpe Market. After a brief foray on the A149 we turned right on to the Thorpe Road to Southrepps. Shortly after we followed a back lane to the junction with the Gimingham Road at Trunch. We stopped briefly for a drink and a polite request was made to slow things up a tad, one rider feeling slightly off the pace today.

The Knapton Road took us to……..Knapton from where we descended via Old Hall Street to the North Walsham and Dilham Canal (now partly used) and then an ascent (sorry Andrew!) to Edingthorpe Green. Turning right to descend through Bacton Woods we were again into the headwind so we looped round to Ebridge Mill and White Horse Common and eventually to North Walsham. Leader’s error – Malcolm didn’t double check behind him and managed to lose two riders but a quick call on the mobile soon got the group back together and we negotiated the joys of the NW one way system to join the Aylsham Road and thereafter Tungate Road and Skeyton Road to our lunch stop. There waiting for us was CJ.

After a welcome refuel Andrew and CJ set off together en route for Felbrigg and beyond while the group of 4 headed off in a slightly different direction to Burgh, Aylsham, Ingworth, Erpingham, Aldborough and Thurgarton. At the crossroads adjacent to All Saints Church Malcolm said farewell and headed off on the Bessingham Road to Hanworth and home while the remaining 3 took the same road but in the opposite direction towards Bessingham and back to PC.

Many thanks to all for the company on a good ride out.

Andrew, Graham, John S, Kevin, Malcolm and CJ at the pub

41 miles PC to PC (60 miles max)

Club Run to The Dun Cow at Salthouse 31 October 2018

On a sparkling Autumn morning 6 Wheelers met for Kevin’s ride to the North Coast. An OS Map was spotted in Kevin’s back pocket. Did he have a few surprises up his sleeve – some cheeky off-piste sections perhaps?

We turned east after Lower Gresham but the bunch soon regained its composure as we continued on through Sustead, Thurgarton, Wickmere, Calthorpe and Ingworth. Considering the amount of rain on Tuesday the roads were not bad at all – just as well as one of the group was on his best bike without mudguards!

At the junction with the Blickling Road the OS Map made its first appearance and after a brief meeting it was agreed that we should pass through Silvergate and on to Oulton Street and then in the direction of Cawston. At Southgate we turned right to make our way to Guestwick, but not before another quick check of the OS Map followed by a number of nodding heads. Andrew offered a hand of guidance suggesting Briston, Stody, Hunworth, Thornage and Letheringsett. Our leader confirmed this was indeed the route he had planned but was grateful to Andrew for taking the lead briefly and using his knowledge of the lanes to good effect.

After Glandford and Cley we joined the Coast Road for the last few miles to our lunch stop. The pub was extremely busy and we were told there would be a half hour wait for a table but the group of 5 (Stephen having left us at Glandford) happily propped up the bar and reflected on what had been a very enjoyable if slightly long (37 miles from PC) morning’s run.

After lunch Andrew had a fairly short and very flat journey home while the rest of us climbed Market Lane and Bloomstile Lane to eventually join Bridge Road. After crossing the Holt-Cromer Road at High Kelling we followed a direct and very familiar route to Mill Road where Malcolm headed off to Gresham and beyond while the remaining 3 took a left into Red Barn Lane and back up to PC.

Many thanks to Kevin for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Andrew, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Stephen; and Jane who had waited for us at the pub to say hallo but sadly had to head off so couldn’t join us.

47 miles PC to PC (66 miles max)

Club Run to The Conservatory at Aylsham 24 October 2018

Tour de Cromer – words by David C, our leader for the day.

On a breezy but reasonably mild Wednesday morning, ten Wheelers descended into the back lanes of East Beckham. The peloton slowed allowing the leader to search unsuccessfully for his long lost Poundland spectacles. Picking up a spare wheel at Gresham Church, the group made use of the strong Westerly to descend through the village and up and out again towards the Aylmerton Cross.

An encounter with a friendly bottled gas delivery driver slowed our progress, but we were soon up and on the move again through Aylmerton and the rear end of the Felbrigg estate. Negotiating the cattle grids we hit the Felbrigg main gate and enjoyed the long descent towards Cromer.

Taking a right at Amazonia Zoo onto the recently completed cycle path, the group climbed up towards Roughton Road, Cromer. “Bollards!” someone called out. And yes, they were a tight squeeze, calling for some beginner’s bike handling skills.

A brief sojourn of no more than twenty metres on the A148, followed by three mini roundabouts in quick succession, had us on Mill Road, Suffield Park with Cromer Hospital on our left and the newly opened Surgery on our right.

At this point the leader became a tad nostalgic for childhood haunts and led the group past Great Aunt Dot’s old house on Connaught Road followed by a slow meander through the mean streets to Suffield Park playing field, the scene of former sporting glories when us Cromer lads handed out a footballing lesson to the Suffield locals on numerous occasions circa 1968-9.

It was time to hit the open country once more. A right turn onto Northrepps Road had us at the foot of the rather unexpected (for some!) steep ascent of the Forest Park climb. After a brief pause at the summit to gather our thoughts, the group enjoyed the rather pleasing Nut Lane descent into Northrepps Village.

The Run continued – words by the Editor

After such an eloquent intro I shall keep it brief.

After Northrepps we followed Craft Lane on to the delightfully named Clipped Hedge Lane at Southrepps and then the back lanes to Gimingham. After Trunch we passed through Bradfield and were lucky not to be held up at the railway crossing. Then came Antingham, Felmingham, Skeyton Corner, the steady climb up to All Saints Church and eventually reached Burgh followed by Aylsham. En route we were treated to the nostalgic sound of the air whistle of a locomotive on the Bure Valley narrow gauge railway.

The Conservatory had not been forewarned of our arrival but despite it being a busy time and no seats available inside they were quite happy for us to dine al fresco. By now however the sun had disappeared completely and it was a bit on the cool side but this did nothing to dampen spirits and the banter flowed. “When are we receiving our Certificates?” Alban asked. We were puzzled. “Well all those hand signals through Cromer felt like we were doing our Cycling Proficiency!”

After lunch we headed off towards Blickling but then cut across to join the (old) Cromer Road and followed the course of The River Bure for a short distance to Ingworth. At this point Malcolm turned eastwards for Banningham and home leaving the group to make their way to Erpingham and follow familiar roads back to PC.

Thanks very much to David – the tour of his former stomping grounds in Cromer not to mention the look of surprise on some visitors’ faces as we wound our way through the grounds of the Felbrigg Estate provided an unusual and welcome start to the ride.

Alan, Alban, David, Ian W, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robin, Stephen

41 miles PC to PC

Club Run to The Three Horseshoes at Warham 17 October 2018

Shorts were still the order of the day for most of the 7 who turned out for Andrew’s ride to a venue that is fast becoming a favourite for the Wednesday crew! Traditional surroundings, an open fire and great value warming food – what more could you ask for now that Autumn is very much upon us? A great route and that is what we got as Andrew lead us via Baconsthorpe, Plumstead and Edgefield to Briston.

Drizzly rain would not go away and it seemed as though this might be the first ride for some while when some serious bike cleaning would be needed later on, particularly for those on their road bikes without mudguards. With spirits high in spite of the road conditions the small bunch of riders passed through Stody, Brinton, Sharrington, Bale and Hindringham.

Just after joining the Hindringham Road in the direction of Great Walsingham we were brought to an abrupt halt as tarmac disappeared into a sea of thick mud – like impassable! Apropos the recent Facebook posting on the NNWCC group page, the reporting of an incident between a person on his bike and a local farmer (nothing to do with the Wheelers or the previous day’s Club Run incidentally), yes of course farmers have every right to be on the road but not to leave a good portion of a field’s contents behind them. Let’s hope it was cleared up later. Respect for all road users and all that!

Sensibly we backtracked slightly and took an alternative route along the Wells Road as far as Wighton where we turned off right to pass the Warham Camp Iron Age Fort and eventually our mid ride destination. Stephen had to skip lunch and carried on to Wells.

Apart from two other customers, who seemed either slightly put out or maybe just curious of the bonhomie exuding from our lycra clad group, and a man and his dog we were the only ones in for lunch. Food is freshly prepared here but the wait was worth it and all thoughts of the cool damp weather outside soon disappeared.

The return leg took us through Binham, Field Dalling and Saxlingham shortly after which Jane and Alban left us. Just 4 continued on to Wiveton and then the seemingly endless (for Norfolk) climb to Bridge Road and High Kelling. Our leader for the day bade us farewell leaving 3 to make their way to Geoff’s Corner where there was a final split as 2 headed towards the Holt Road and Sheringham Park while the lone rider descended to Lower Gresham and Bessingham and then south-eastwards and homewards.

Many thanks to Andrew for leading today’s ride and good to see Alban back in the saddle!

Alan, Alban, Andrew, Graham A, Jane, Malcolm and Stephen

PC to PC 42 miles (max 65 miles)

Club Run to The Crown at Banningham 10 October 2018

Holidays and other pursuits kept the number low today as 5 Wheelers met in the sunshine for Robert’s ride to Banningham. Robert promised us lots of twists and turns on his route which was worked out in the early hours due to a temporary bout of insomnia!!

We passed by East and through West Beckham before heading towards Bodham but took a sharp left before we reached the A148. This pleasant lane did however take us to Bodham Church and on to Baconsthorpe. Then came Hempstead, Edgefield and Briston.

A shout came from the back, “Are we going to Banningham then?”

Obligingly Robert turned to head south easterly to Corpusty and then followed the Irmingland Road and Spa Lane to Oulton. On reaching Itteringham Robert had decided not to go the more direct route following the course of The River Bure to Ingworth but to head up towards Wolterton then Erpingham, Colby and our lunchtime destination after some 27 miles. A great route with the promised twists and turns!

CJ was already tucking into his baguette as we arrived but The Crown is pretty quick at getting the orders out so we were soon enjoying ours.

Although we left as a group of 6 there was soon a split as two headed off towards Suffield and home while the remainder of the group were lead by Robert towards Alby and Aldborough and back to PC.

Many thanks to Robert for leading today’s ride.

David, Jane, Malcolm, Phil, Robert and CJ

38 miles PC to PC