Pretty Corner 25m TT Results 14/5/19

Results of the first 25m TT on the Pretty Corner Course.  Course PBs all round, well done everyone!

Pretty Corner 25m TT 14/5/19
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 59.34 56.07 CPB
PAUL HARROWING NN Wheelers 1.03.35 57.03 CPB
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 1.07.05 56.30 CPB
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 1.09.12 CPB
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 1.09.12 CPB
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 1.13.34 57.26 CPB
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley 1.14.10 CPB
MARK WATSON East Coast Riders 1.14.42 CPB
EDDIE ROBSON TriHarman 1.20.45 61.53 CPB
JOHN VIDLER Plomesgate CC 1.23.33 CPB



Pretty Corner 10m TT Results 7/5/19

Pretty Corner 10m TT 7/5/19
Name Club Time Handicap time
JAMIE SPARROW King’s Lynn CC 22.11
ARRON GREEN King’s Lynn CC 22.24 21.42
RICHARD COLLYER NN Wheelers 25.38 23.37
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 26.31 21.05
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 26.48 22.34
AMANDA MARSHALL NN Wheelers 27.17 21.54
MARK WATSON East Coast Riders 27.43 21.49
PAUL ELVIN NN Wheelers 27.45 21.07
EDDIE ROBSON TriHarman 30.13 23.39
JOHN VIDLER Plomesgate CC 31.32

15m TT results 30/4/19

15m TT 30/4/19
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
MATT RATCLIFFE NN Wheelers 33.02 29.42 PB
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 34.55 32.24
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 35.00 31.04
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 36.06 31.12
CARL MACE Tri Harder 37.00
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 37.56 32.54
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 37.57 31.25
PAUL HARROWING NN Wheelers 38.02 32.29
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 40.19 33.29
RICHARD COLLYER NN Wheelers 40.47 32.10
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 41.53 29.52
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 42.20 27.17
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 42.25
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley 46.26
TESSA MORGAN NN Wheelers 49.11
EDDIE ROBSON TriHarman 50.58 36.37

10m TT Results Thursford-Fakenham 26/4/19

Thursford 10m TT 26/4/19
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
MATT RATCLIFFE NN Wheelers 21.31 20.56 PB
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 22.34 21.42
CARL MACE Tri Harder 23.51 21.14
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 24.14 21.48
PAUL HARROWING NN Wheelers 24.19
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 24.20 21.07
CALLUM STEDMAN Tri Harder 24.30
JOHN P MORGAN Tri Harder 24.33
COLIN STARK East Coast Riders 24.50
KARL VASSALLO East Coast Riders 25.18
RICHARD COLLYER NN Wheelers 25.20 23.17
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 26.51 22.37
MARK WATSON East Coast Riders 26.54
PAUL ELVIN East Coast Riders 28.18

Hilly TT results 23/4/19

A hilly TT record turnout tonight for the battle up the local hills.  A good mix of abilities including a few on road bikes.  The slightly shortened course due to road works in Holt meant a higher ratio of climbing to flat land helping the road bikes.  Despite having to navigate a newly gritted section on the main road, slow cars and deer crossings everyone got round safely.

Mike Padfield won in 41.51 (average 24 mph), followed by James Lowe (42.00) and Aiden Bond (43.02).  The fastest on a road bike was Bryce Pegg with 43.29.  It was good to see a number of riders including Brian Platts and Paul Harrowing on their first TTs since their winter hibernation!

Thanks to the timekeepers and marshals.


Hilly TT 24/4/19
Name Club Time
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 41.51
JAMES LOWE Welland Valley CC 42.00
AIDEN BOND NN Wheelers 43.02
BRYCE PEGG Aylmerton Road Club 43.29
JACK BACON Aylmerton Road Club 44.35
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 44.40
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 45.49
ROB LEE Aylmerton Road Club 46.29
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 46.42
PAUL HARROWING NN Wheelers 48.36
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 51.05
CARL MACE Tri Harder 52.00
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 52.12
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 53.38
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 54.02
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley 55.53
MARK HARMAN TriHarman 57.20
TESSA MORGAN NN Wheelers 1.03.45

10m TT results 16/4/19

A good turnout for the second TT of the year on the B10/5 course.  There was a very fast ride by Sam Proctor (Ride Harder and a professional triathlete) in a 20.44, (the fastest April ride ever!).  This was 37 seconds off the course record so based on the time of the year and conditions the record could get broken this year! Matt Ratcliffe (North Norfolk Wheelers) was second followed by Kim Morrision (Drag2Zero).  Fastest on handicap was Mike Padfield.  Thanks to the timekeepers, marshals and supporters!

Pretty Corner B10/5 10m TT Date 16/4/19
Name Club Time Handicap time
SAM PROCTOR Ride Harder 20.44
MATT RATCLIFFE NN Wheelers 21.52 21.17
KIM MORRISON Drag2Zero 21.53 21.08
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 22.47 21.04
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 23.59 21.33
MARK FARROW Pedal Rev 24.08
CALLUM STEDMAN Tri Harder 24.30
PAUL FURNESS Tri Harder 25.10
ROSE VC Norwich 25.10
RICHARD COLLYER NN Wheelers 25.27 23.26
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 25.32 22.41
MARKOS JANES VC Norwich 26.22 21.26
WATSON East Coast Riders 27.23
PAUL ELVIN  NN Wheelers 27.38
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 28.27 24.13
JOHN VIDLER Plomesgate CC 32.10

Time Trial Results 7th and 9th April 2019

Two events in quick succession kick started the club time trial season. The first at Horsford was hampered by roadworks at the start, meaning we couldn’t use a revised route that avoided a new roundabout at the end.  The TT was therefore shortened slightly. Despite rain starting just as the riders set off, 12 brave souls had good rides to test their early season fitness.  Fresh from temporary retirement Matt Ratcliffe got the fastest time (21.25), followed by Andrew Knowles (22.12) and then Aiden Bond (22.26). Junior rider Callum Stedman had a good ride with a 24.41.

Two days later it was back ‘home’ to Pretty Corner.  The conditions weren’t much better, with a cold north easterly (5 C). Andrew Knowles had the fastest time with a 22:58, followed by Graham Denny (23.11) and Carl Mace (24.15). Paul Furness did his first time trial in seven years and posted a respectable 26.57.

Time trials now come weekly throughout the season, with the next event a 10m TT at Pretty Corner on the 16th April.  We also have the eagerly anticipated Open 10m TT on 22nd June (bookings via the CTT website).  Fingers crossed for some warmer evenings ahead…

Horsford 9.6mTT 7/4/19
Name Club Time
MATT RATCLIFFE NN Wheelers 21.25
ANDREW KNOWLES NN Wheelers 22.12
AIDEN BOND NN Wheelers 22.26
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 22.39
CARL MACE Tri Harder 23.39
TOBY MORRELL NN Wheelers 23.45
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 24.05
PHIL HURR NN Wheelers 24.26
CALLUM STEDMAN Tri Harder 24.41
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 27.16
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 27.55
JOHN VIDLER Plomesgate CC 35.23


Pretty Corner B10/5 10m TT Date 9/4/19
Name Club Time Handicap time
ANDREW KNOWLES NN Wheelers 22.58  20.28
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 23.11  22.19
CARL MACE Tri Harder 24.15  21.38
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 24.37  22.11
CALLUM STEDMAN Tri Harder 25.17  –
PAUL FURNESS Tri Harder 26.57  –
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 27.29  22.03
PHIL HURR NN Wheelers 27.37  24.04
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 28.22  24.08
EDDIE ROBSON NN Wheelers 33.31  25.58
TRINE MIDDLETON TriHarman 35.21  23.46
JOHN VIDLER Plomesgate CC 35.23  –

15m TT results 16/9/18

A small but select group posted some very good times on a blustery day.  Nick Partridge posted the fastest club 15 TT of the year (despite stopping to put his chain back on) and says he will return next year to do the 10 – so be warned!  Nigel got a PB and Geoff posted a fast target for himself next year.

16-09-18 15m TT Aylmerton to Holt
Name Main Club Time Club Handicap time
Nick Partridge Plomesgate CC 33:08
Geoff Frost Velovelocity 34:24
Nigel Walsh North Norfolk Wheelers 36:02 32.58
Phil Hurr North Norfolk Wheelers 39:22