Club Run to The Three Swallows at Cley 23 June 2021

Words by Duncan – leader of today’s ride

6 riders met at PC for Malcolm’s last ride with the Wheelers before his move at the end of this month to St. Olaves. It was a glorious morning, with blue skies, very little wind and warm.

We set off south towards Edgefield via Baconsthorpe, crossed the Holt/Norwich road and headed for Hunworth. From there we pedalled through Stody and Brinton, crossing the A148 near Sharrington. There were a few sand and gravel patches on the lanes following the rain last week and at the weekend, but all were negotiable with care, no-one came off or punctured and the Norfolk countryside looked wonderful in the strong June sunshine.

We continued on through Bale and Hindringham and then the group made a decision that rather than loop round to Wighton, Warham and Binham as originally planned, we would head straight to Binham. The decision was partly driven by the fact that a big party was due to arrive at the pub in Cley at 1pm and we wanted to get in first!

On the straight run down to Binham a couple of riders took the opportunity for a bit of a sprint, the team regrouping for the climb to Langham. Then the decent to Wiveton and on to Cley for lunch. Andrew C joined us, having made the long trek on foot from his house round the corner! We hope to see him back on the Club Runs before too long.

After a satisfying lunch in the garden of The Three Swallows, Jane and Andrew C set off for home and the 5 remaining riders climbed to High Kelling and crossed the A148 to Lower Bodham. A few miles after this, Malcolm and Mark peeled off to head for home. Robert, Kevin and Duncan S headed for Upper Sheringham, dropped down to the coast past Kevin’s House and then Robert turned right for home at the Coast Road junction and Duncan turned left to head for Holt on the A149.

We all thank Malcolm very much for his leadership over the years and wish him all the very best for the house move at the end of this month. We also thank Andrew B for taking up the mantle and wish him all the best in that endeavour.

Riders: Malcolm, Mark, Jane, Robert, Kevin, led by Duncan S

PC to PC 31 miles (54 miles max)

Note from Editor

Not only was this my last Club ride for a while but also my last as “Editor in Chief” of the Wednesday Run reports! I have really enjoyed organising the Wednesday Runs over the last 4 years but of course they wouldn’t be fun without a great bunch of people – thank you! I hope that I’ll be able to join you on a Club Run from time to time. I’ll keep in touch and will certainly be keeping my eye on the NNWCC website.

15m TT Results 23rd June

 15m TT Aylmerton-Holt 22/6/21 – 7pm start 
27Sparrow, JamieKLCC33.19 
10Padfield, MikeNNW33.30 
21Denny, GrahamNNW35.44 
20Hurr, PhilNNW36.24 
22Harrowing, PaulNNW36.55 
19Martin, MichaelCC Ashwell37.22 
9Johnson, BenECR38.09 
16Morgan, JohnNNW38.11 
18Hayward, JohnNNW39.13 
3Maynard, JonNNW39.43 
6Thorold, GuyNNW41.27 
4Marshall, AmandaNNW41.28 
11Platts, BrianNNW41.52 
1Towning, SusieNNW43.43 
8Jay, SarahNNW43.48 
2Daykin, TimNNW44.02 

15m TT start list 22nd June

15m TT Aylmerton-Holt22/6/21 – 7pm start 
1Towning, SusieNNW
2Daykin, TimNNW
3Maynard, JonNNW
4Marshall, AmandaNNW
6Thorold, GuyNNW
7Jay, AdyNNW
8Jay, SarahNNW
9Johnson, BenECR
10Padfield, MikeNNW
11Platts, BrianNNW
12Comber, Jon NNW
13Spelman-Marriot, RobNNW
15Kitchen, RobStrada
16Morgan, JohnNNW
18Hayward, JohnNNW
19Martin, MichaelCC Ashwell
20Hurr, PhilNNW
21Denny, GrahamNNW
22Harrowing, PaulNNW
25Stedman, CallumTriharder
27Sparrow, JamieKLCC
28Procter, SamPoweredbyProcter

Club Run to The New Inn, Horning 16th June 2021

Three riders met at PC on a glorious summer’s day for a trip south to the Broads at Horning.  Mark M and Graham A were pleased to be joined by John S riding again after an ankle injury.  John and his bike had been dropped off at PC, so he could ride back home to Honing after lunch and hopefully not overstress his ankle.

The trio set off, cooled by a steady southerly headwind, via Gresham, Hanworth, Trunch, Knapton, Honing, Smallburgh and Neatishead to Horning.  At the advertised destination the Swan Inn, Horning, we found Andrew C, who as part of his hip op rehabilitation had set off from Hanworth to meet us.

All four re-grouped at the New Inn to sit outside, shaded by a huge parasol to watch the antics of the Broads cruisers as we waited for lunch. The New Inn had let us book a table outside which the Swan was unable to offer, hence the change in venue.

After lunch, we said goodbye to John S as he returned to Honing, while Andrew C maintained the numbers by joining us for the homeward leg. For once the wind had remained consistent and now provided a steady tailwind as we headed via Ashmanhaugh, Sloley, Swanton Abbot to Gunton Park, where Andrew C continued to Hanworth.  The route continued to Aldborough and the final split at Sustead Church.

PC to PC was 55 miles

Graham A, John S, Andrew C, led by Mark M.

10m TT Results 15th June

10m TT Pretty Corner15-June-21 – 7pm start   
6Johnson, BenECR24.27  22 06
16Harrowing, PaulNNW24.44  22 45
7Spelman-Marriot, RobNNW24.52 
13Morgan, JohnNNW24.53  21 56
14Hayward, JohnNNW25.31  21 55
15Longley, ReubenGuest25.51 
3Maynard, JonNNW26.06  21 40
8Platts, BrianNNW26.42  22 19
5Thorold, GuyNNW26.45  23 14
10Kondor, Gary Sherwood CC27.05 
1Towning, SusieNNW27.32  21 46
2Daykin, TimNNW28.35  22 03
4Williams, Stuart NNW28.4  21 00

TT start list 15th June

10m TT Pretty Corner15-June-21 – 7pm start  
1Towning, SusieNNW 
2Daykin, TimNNW 
3Maynard, JonNNW 
5Williams, Stuart NNW 
6Thorold, GuyNNW 
9Johnson, BenECR 
10Spelman-Marriot, RobGuest 
11Platts, BrianNNW 
13Kondor, Gary Sherwood CC
15Kitchen, RobStrada 
16Morgan, JohnNNW 
18Hayward, JohnNNW 
19Longley, ReubenGuest 
20 Harrowing, Paul NNW   no.22
21 Stedman, Callum Triharder no.25
22 Sparrow, Jamie KLCC no.27
23 Procter, Sam PoweredbyProcter no.28

Club Run to The Three Horseshoes at Warham 9th June 2021

This was the first ride without pre-booking following the relaxation of Covid restrictions, so it was good to see seven riders at the start, including Kevin joining us again after a long break. 

The route took us west in light wind and sunny conditions via Gresham, through Barningham, Matlaske and onto Edgefield were we nearly lost Graham who had stopped for a comfort break! Then onto Briston and through Melton Constable onto a rather busy B Road towards Thursford. It was therefore decided to divert from the route and navigate the lanes to Hindringham via Sharington and Bale (with help from Graham). From Hindringham the route took us to Binham during which there was an impromptu sprint (Boys will be Boys) and then onwards to Warham.

On arrival at the pub, we were joined by Andrew C looking in good health following his recent hip replacement. Thankfully we were able to sit under a marque in the shade for a very good meal and refreshments.

After lunch the route took us back to Langham via a diversion to Cockthorpe, and then along Route 30 towards Wiveton, with Jane leaving us for home at the Langham Road junction. In honour of Andrew C who had joined us we diverted to Cley past his house, and then up the hill to re-join the route along Long Lane to Kelling. Graham left us for home at this point and the reminder of us proceeded to High Kelling were Andrew B left the remainder to proceed back to PC.

Estimated distance PC to PC was 46 miles.

Duncan, Kevin, Stephen, Graham, Mark and Jane, led by Andrew B.

TT Results 8th June 2021

8th June Hilly TT 7pm     
10Padfield, MikeNNW45.07PB  42 05
15Swan, AdamGuest47.34PB  
13Swan, LillieGuest49.36Course Record 
19Martin, MichaelCC Ashwell51.18  
14Watkins, PhilNNW52.14   45 51
20Harrowing, PaulNNW52.58   45 39
17Collyer, RichardNNW54.30  
3Maynard, JonNNW55.23   45 51
9Condor, Gary CC Ashwell55.37  
7Jay, AdyNNW56.10   45 08
4Marshall, AmandaNNW56.22PB  35 27
6Thorold, GuyNNW56.41   44 43
12Comber, Jon NNW58.14   45 00
8Jay, SarahNNW59.39PB  44 44
11Platts, BrianNNW59.46   45 20
2Daykin, TimNNW1.00.13  PB  44 27
5Williams, Stuart NNW1.00.32   45 00
16Morgan, JohnNNW1.01.30   53 24
18Hayward, JohnNNWDNF  
21Procter, SamPoweredbyProcterDNS  

TT Start List 8th June

8th June Hilly TT 7pm   
2Daykin, TimNNW  
3Maynard, JonNNW  
4Marshall, AmandaNNW  
5Williams, Stuart NNW  
6Thorold, GuyNNW  
7Jay, AdyNNW  
8Jay, SarahNNW  
9Condor, GarySherwood CC  
10Padfield, MikeNNW  
11Platts, BrianNNW  
12Comber, Jon NNW  
13Swan, LillieGuest  
14Watkins, PhilNNW  
15Swan, AdamGuest  
16Morgan, JohnNNW  
17Collyer, RichardNNW RB
18Hayward, JohnNNW  
19Martin, MichaelCC Ashwell  
20Harrowing, PaulNNWRB, bib no.22
21Procter, SamPoweredbyProcter bib no.28

10m TT Thursford-Fakenham 1st June

10m TT Thursford01-Jun-21 
28Skipper, JoeTeamSkipper20.17Course Record  21 15
27Morrell, TobyTriharder21.27   20 24
26Morrison, KimDrag2Zero22.03Course Record  21 52
14Watkins, PhilNNW22.56   22 24
23Hurr, Phil NNW23.30   21 37
29Padfield MikeNNW23.40RB  23 01
21Denny, GrahamNNW23.41   22 14
13Martin, MichaelCC Ashwell23.51  
24Chastney, AlexStrada24.06RB  20 58
12Spelman-Marriott, RobTriharder24.57  
16Morgan, JohnNNW25.31   22 34
9O’Neill, JonnyECR25.44RB 
3Maynard, JonNNW26.22   21 56
18Hayward, JohnNNW26.34   22 58
17Spooner, BrianVC Norwich26.49RB 
7Jay, AdyNNW27.21   22 45
1Towning, SusieNNW27.27   21 41
22Harrowing, PaulNNW27.27(mechanical issue)  25 28
4Marshall, AmandaNNW27.30   22 14
11Platts, BrianNNW27.37   23 14
6Thorold, GuyNNW28.00   24 29
8Jay, SarahNNW28.54   24 09
10Harman, TeresaTriHarman29.06RB 
2Daykin, TimNNW29.07   22 35
19Harman, MarkTriHarman29.56RB 
5Hall, LisaGuestDNS  
15Kitchen, RobStradaDNS  
20Mace, CarlTriharderDNS  
25Stedman, CallumTriharderDNS  
    RB = Road bike