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Club Run, 20/10/18

Eight riders left the secondary pick-up point for this weekend’s club run to the Red Lion at Coltishall, although one was out only for the morning. The numbers were restored however when Trevor turned up at the cafe. It was good to see that the initial reaction to his recent operation has been favourable.

Route: – Out – Ingworth, Banningham, Tuttington, Skeyton Hill, Swanton Abbott, Tunstead, Ashmanaugh, Neatishead, Irstead, Bewilderwood and the lanes to Coltishall St. James. Return: Heggatt Hall, Frettenham > *! > ?

*Between Frettenham and Hainford, Ian suffered the misfortune of an exploding hub when his drive side flange disintegrated, thereby rendering the wheel unrideable. All was not lost however. North Norfolk Beach Runners rode to the rescue in the shape of speedy and stylish superveteran half marathoner Elizabeth Letzer in her white van. By the time that the rescue operation had been fully orchestrated, the bunch had either dispersed to ride various distances home or awaited a lift in the white van.

Group: Scott; Robin; Malcolm; Ian; Harvey; David; Brian + Matt for the morning and Trevor from the cafe.

PC to PC: 60 miles/ Erpingham to Erpingham: 46 miles/ Max: 75 miles.

Club Run to The Three Horseshoes at Warham 17 October 2018

Shorts were still the order of the day for most of the 7 who turned out for Andrew’s ride to a venue that is fast becoming a favourite for the Wednesday crew! Traditional surroundings, an open fire and great value warming food – what more could you ask for now that Autumn is very much upon us? A great route and that is what we got as Andrew lead us via Baconsthorpe, Plumstead and Edgefield to Briston.

Drizzly rain would not go away and it seemed as though this might be the first ride for some while when some serious bike cleaning would be needed later on, particularly for those on their road bikes without mudguards. With spirits high in spite of the road conditions the small bunch of riders passed through Stody, Brinton, Sharrington, Bale and Hindringham.

Just after joining the Hindringham Road in the direction of Great Walsingham we were brought to an abrupt halt as tarmac disappeared into a sea of thick mud – like impassable! Apropos the recent Facebook posting on the NNWCC group page, the reporting of an incident between a person on his bike and a local farmer (nothing to do with the Wheelers or the previous day’s Club Run incidentally), yes of course farmers have every right to be on the road but not to leave a good portion of a field’s contents behind them. Let’s hope it was cleared up later. Respect for all road users and all that!

Sensibly we backtracked slightly and took an alternative route along the Wells Road as far as Wighton where we turned off right to pass the Warham Camp Iron Age Fort and eventually our mid ride destination. Stephen had to skip lunch and carried on to Wells.

Apart from two other customers, who seemed either slightly put out or maybe just curious of the bonhomie exuding from our lycra clad group, and a man and his dog we were the only ones in for lunch. Food is freshly prepared here but the wait was worth it and all thoughts of the cool damp weather outside soon disappeared.

The return leg took us through Binham, Field Dalling and Saxlingham shortly after which Jane and Alban left us. Just 4 continued on to Wiveton and then the seemingly endless (for Norfolk) climb to Bridge Road and High Kelling. Our leader for the day bade us farewell leaving 3 to make their way to Geoff’s Corner where there was a final split as 2 headed towards the Holt Road and Sheringham Park while the lone rider descended to Lower Gresham and Bessingham and then south-eastwards and homewards.

Many thanks to Andrew for leading today’s ride and good to see Alban back in the saddle!

Alan, Alban, Andrew, Graham A, Jane, Malcolm and Stephen

PC to PC 42 miles (max 65 miles)

Club Run to The Crown at Banningham 10 October 2018

Holidays and other pursuits kept the number low today as 5 Wheelers met in the sunshine for Robert’s ride to Banningham. Robert promised us lots of twists and turns on his route which was worked out in the early hours due to a temporary bout of insomnia!!

We passed by East and through West Beckham before heading towards Bodham but took a sharp left before we reached the A148. This pleasant lane did however take us to Bodham Church and on to Baconsthorpe. Then came Hempstead, Edgefield and Briston.

A shout came from the back, “Are we going to Banningham then?”

Obligingly Robert turned to head south easterly to Corpusty and then followed the Irmingland Road and Spa Lane to Oulton. On reaching Itteringham Robert had decided not to go the more direct route following the course of The River Bure to Ingworth but to head up towards Wolterton then Erpingham, Colby and our lunchtime destination after some 27 miles. A great route with the promised twists and turns!

CJ was already tucking into his baguette as we arrived but The Crown is pretty quick at getting the orders out so we were soon enjoying ours.

Although we left as a group of 6 there was soon a split as two headed off towards Suffield and home while the remainder of the group were lead by Robert towards Alby and Aldborough and back to PC.

Many thanks to Robert for leading today’s ride.

David, Jane, Malcolm, Phil, Robert and CJ

38 miles PC to PC

Club Run to Felbrigg Hall 3 October 2018

Those who knew Paul Bailey planned to attend the Service at Cromer Crematorium in the early afternoon; so after a short discussion on alternative routes and lunchtime destinations 12 Wheelers were lead by Malcolm firstly to Matlaske.

Our route took us through Erpingham, Colby, Suffield, Antingham, Lower Street, Southrepps, Northrepps, Felbrigg Village and finally the tearooms at Felbrigg Hall.

After an al fresco lunch during which the temperature fell somewhat a small group continued on to pay their last respects to and celebrate the life of a fine club member.

Alan, Andrew, David, Geoff, Jane, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robin, Scott, Stephen and Trevor E enjoyed the ride of 22 miles to Felbrigg

Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 26 September 2018

With the weather continuing to be pretty much ideal for cycling and the sugar beet harvest not yet upon us 8 Wheelers met for Malcolm’s ride to Reepham.

The route was Aldborough, Erpingham, over the (old) Cromer Road, along a floodless (but for how long) stretch to Drabblegate and into Aylsham. Then Burgh next Aylsham and Oxnead before leaving The River Bure behind and joining the Cawston Road. The long straight road to Cawston is a bit exposed but the crosswinds were not too much of a problem as we continued on to Booton and finally our lunch stop at Reepham where we found CJ relaxing in the sunshine.

Refreshments were served with (more than) the usual efficiency and after discussing our exact route back to PC we all left together to follow the B1145 a short distance and then Salle where Robin left us. We then passed through Oulton and Itteringham before the steady climb up to Little Barningham. Trevor E had peeled off en route to head towards the Walsinghams, Robert and Malcolm turned towards Gresham and home leaving the remainder of the bunch to make their way back to PC.

Alan, Geoff, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin, Trevor E and CJ at the café.

PC to PC 40 miles

18.5m Hilly TT cancelled and other news

Due to the continued roadworks in Holt the hilly TT this Sunday is cancelled.  That is all for TTs this year.  However do not despair as you have the following to look forward to:

  • Quieter, but muddier roads to cycle on.
  • The arrival of your new winter club kit by the end of October (some spares available)
  • Weekly spinning classes in Cromer starting November – a few places still left… (contact club secretary David Carrier)
  • The AGM in December or early January (date t.b.c)
  • The annual social/meal/awards night – end of January (provisionally Saturday 26th Jan t.b.c)




Club Run to The Rising Sun at Coltishall 19 September 2018

Prepared for a mild battering from the gusty wind, 5 Wheelers met at “The Reservoir” for Alan’s ride to the banks of the River Bure.

The headwind didn’t seem too much of a problem as we followed a straight course via Little Barningham, Itteringham, Oulton Street and Cawston. Then came Brandiston, Swannington and Upgate before heading east through Felthorpe and up to the A140. At Stratton Strawless Robin left us (for a busy afternoon no doubt) so just 4 turned right on to the Hainford Road then left at the T-junction for a fast paced last leg before lunch to Horstead and our mid-ride destination at Coltishall.

Now could this be the last time the sun rises for the Wheelers at Colishall? Even in a gusty wind it is still a most pleasant location but the recent takeover by Colchester Inns has increased the food prices and we all felt it wasn’t great value. As The Rising Sun is really a summer pub, for the next few months it was agreed that it will be The Red Lion (Cyclist friendly) when we visit Coltishall.

We parted company with John S after lunch and the remaining trio went first to Great and then Little Hautbois enjoying the big skies that this route provides, then Lamas, over The Bure at the Mill before joining the Aylsham Road at Buxton. We turned off to Oxnead, crossing The Bure once again and then up to Church Road and straight on to Tuttington, Banningham and Colby. Here Malcolm headed off towards Suffield, Antingham and home while 2 pedalled on to Erpingham, Aldborough, Gresham and finally PC.

Many thanks to Alan for leading today’s run which was at times challenging in the wind and it was quite understandable why several Wheelers chose not to venture out.

Alan, Geoff (not Mr P), John S, Malcolm, Robin

PC to PC 46.5 miles

Club Run15 September 2018

Club Run15 September 2018

With near perfect weather conditions six North Norfolk Wheelers met for an enjoyable ride to Pensthorpe Wild Life Park. Three came from PC who rode down to meet three more companions at Itteringham Bridge. 

From Itteringham we back traced a little to turn left to go past Mannington Hall and then left to ride to Corpusty. Here, we rode right round Horseshoe Lane and then up a hard hill to go towards Briston. Turning left we went down an aptly named Sandy Lane and then onwards to Hindolveston. From here we carried straight on past the now dubious sign’s saying “Road Closed”. With not so much as a workman resting on a shovel we went unhindered to Kettlestone where left at the church and onwards to Pesthorpe on the busy main road.  

As usual good service and food at the café where yet again we were able to sit outside and enjoy the last of the summer sun. Memories of our visit last year with Cycling Weekly came to mind. 

Homeward bound via Fakenham, Hindringham, Sharrington. 

PC 2 PC 50 with some posting 60/70




Out: Robin, Trevor, Malcolm, Graham, David C, Geoff

15m TT results 16/9/18

A small but select group posted some very good times on a blustery day.  Nick Partridge posted the fastest club 15 TT of the year (despite stopping to put his chain back on) and says he will return next year to do the 10 – so be warned!  Nigel got a PB and Geoff posted a fast target for himself next year.

16-09-18 15m TT Aylmerton to Holt
Name Main Club Time Club Handicap time
Nick Partridge Plomesgate CC 33:08
Geoff Frost Velovelocity 34:24
Nigel Walsh North Norfolk Wheelers 36:02 32.58
Phil Hurr North Norfolk Wheelers 39:22