Club Run, 17/3

This was a non-stop ride, heading out into the blustery east-north-east wind before an easier return leg. Side-winds were malicious.

Snow and ice: insignificant            –            Wind: outrageous

Upper body layers penetrated by wind: 5

Mad March Hares: 2     –     Foxes: 1      –      Red Kites: 1

Miles: 44

Next week: PC 10.00 and Itteringham 10.30 for Yaxham Waters – (light southerly wind forecast).



Club Run to The Kingfisher Café at Walcott 14 March 2018

A gusting south easterly was likely to make the going slightly tougher as 6 set out from PC on Malcolm’s ride to Walcott. It was planned to go to Cart Gap but Smallsticks is closed Tues-Thurs like a few other cafés at the moment.

We negotiated a flood just after the Mill Road crossroads and hoped that this wasn’t a sign of things to come and continued on to Matlaske followed by Erpingham, Colby and Banningham. At Tuttington we turned into Beck Lane and even here it was relatively dry!

As we cycled up to Church Road we felt the strength of the wind in our legs but on regrouping adjacent to All Saints Church the leader reassured everyone that it would be easier pedalling to the lunch stop as we wouldn’t be going any further south.

Swanton Abbott, Worstead, Briggate and Honing came and went and as we travelled along Honing Long Lane towards Crostwight it was apparent that it wouldn’t be long before the daffodils opened up. See Club Runs Photo gallery (5th photo down) on the website for how colourful this stretch looks in Spring!

We passed through Ridlington (only slightly flooded) and then, with a good tailwind, sped towards the Café. It was just as well we had reserved a table as this popular venue was packed. CJ’s arrival made 7 but we were all able to squeeze around the table. The good quality and good value refreshments came very quickly and the staff were very friendly and attentive despite the fact that they were extremely busy.

John S headed for home just after departure and the 6 struggled slightly with a strong side wind up the steady drag to Pollard Street and then along to the right turn to Edingthorpe Street.

Paston Green, Knapton, Trunch and then Brewery Lane took us to Bradfield Road where we said goodbye to Trevor. A short distance later at Lower Street we said goodbye to Robin and then just the 4 continued on past Gunton Station to Thorpe Market then across the A140 to Hanworth. Malcolm bade the group farewell at this point and the 3 headed off north to PC and beyond.

Andrew, CJ, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robin and Trevor

Just under 50 miles PC to PC although it perhaps felt a bit further!


Club Run, 10/3

Trevor, Kevin, Harvey, Geoff and Brian took part in this week’s club run to the Daisy Tearoom (formerly Corner’s, Thyme for Tea, the Kingfisher Tearoom and Inspirations – what next?). Despite a lot of floodwater, the quintet decided to stick generally to the narrow lanes, through Heydon Park, Odessa, Kerdiston, Themelthorpe, Foxley, and Worthing to Hoe. During the break, the conversation turned to this week’s report linking long distance cycling to a healthy immune system. North Norfolk Wheelers have, of course, known this for some time; see, for example, the NNW website report, ‘Club Run, 20/1’.

The homeward ride linked up a lot of lanes to Bylaugh, then crossed the bridge at Mill Street to continue on the south side of the Wensum before recrossing at Lenwade bridge and climbing up through the Witchinghams and across to Brandiston, Cawston and Oulton Street, where the bunch split.

Conditions: after a couple of light showers, the weather remained dry on the mildest day of the year so far. After the various wet spells since last Sunday afternoon, there was still a surprising amount of packed snow alongside some of the roads, although one rider was still shocked when he had to carry his bike across three short snow drifts in the last few miles home – (the exposed lane between Plumstead and Little Barningham).

Distance: from 55 miles to 72 miles.

Club Run to Woodgate Nursery Aylsham 7 March 2018

Six hardy souls met at PC for John S’s ride to Woodgate Nursery.  Rain was forecast and we were getting wet right from the off.  Still, the weather was better than it had been of late and riders were chomping at the bit for a run out.  It might have been wiser to take closer note of the (now filthy) snow piled by the side of the road at the start point!

Off we set to West Beckham, but Malcolm was being bothered by a “mechanical”.  This was rooted out and found to be a loose rear brake calliper – fixed by Alan’s allen key. It was remarked that a bit more dirt might help to keep things tight!

We were now wet but pushed on to Edgefield and took the always filthy road at the end of Ramsgate Street towards Wood Dalling.  Snow was still piled high by the side of the lanes and indeed snow was, in places, a hazard we had to avoid.  However, the North Norfolk “glacial run-off” was washing our bikes as we went – result!  Malcolm got detached from the group (probably being extra cautious in the tricky conditions) and took an alternative route to Aylsham via Corpusty, Oulton and Oulton Street.

As the main group approached Cawston, we thought it prudent to ditch the planned route (which involved more small lanes) and take the B1145 to lunch.  And boy, were we glad to get inside.  Pints of water were wrung from our gloves – we really do need to find a truly water-proof option.  Trevor was now really regretting not having worn a water-proof jacket!

We were made very welcome by the Purdy’s Tearoom staff and other customers alike – they might have felt for us!  We dined well and warmed ourselves but, still sporting wet gear, we opted for a direct route home.  Alan led us out of Aylsham to come home via Ingworth, Erpingham and points north.  Malcolm and Trevor left us just after Aylsham and Kevin and Barry headed for their homes just before Gresham.  This left Alan and John S to climb a really mucky Gibbet Lane.

So, not great conditions, but actually, and surprisingly, quite a nice day out!

6 out.  Just a tad under 33 miles PC to PC.

Editor’s Note

Today’s report was written mostly by John S with a few added words by nnrider. The description of the run as being “quite a nice day out” was the reflection of the run leader. Other members of the group had their own words to describe the conditions we experienced!

Anyway many thanks to John a true advocate of the “Just go” spirit.

Weekend Club Run, 4/3

Bugs and viruses were no more than a distant memory, but the back end of the ‘Beast from the East’ continued to influence events.

It was good to see Nick, who rode directly from his new house along the Trans Norfolk Highway to meet the others just as they were leaving the cafe. Following his long absence, Nick was in reasonable shape – or at least nothing that a few hard intervals off the front with Brian couldn’t fettle. Brian was riding a bike with a 25½ inch frame – ouch!

Conditions: a slow thaw accelerating in the afternoon. Gritted bus routes generally decent all day, although some carriageways seriously reduced in width. Back roads improved significantly during the afternoon. A surprisingly warm couple of hours of sunshine after a murky damp start.

Cars stuck in snowdrifts: 1

Fields crossed to avoid blocked lane: 2

Motorbikes on field avoiding blocked lane: 1

Distance: up to a maximum of 60 miles.

Ely Hardriders 25m TT

Whilst most of us are still hibernating, clutching on to the thought of spring somewhere in the distance future, a few hardy time triallists are out competing in open events.  Phil Watkins is one such rider who braved the Arctic conditions to do the Ely Hardriders 25m TT last weekend and got his photo taken.  Well done Phil!

Full article Here

PW image

Club Run, 24/2

Bugs and viruses combined with a fortnight in Co. Cavan, a seal party and nightshift at Sainsbury’s – (don’t ask me, I only report it) – to keep the numbers down for the club run to Cart Gap on a cold, bright, windy day. Brian, Harvey, Kevin and Robin took a northerly route via Trunch to the break. The convalescent Geoff rode directly from home to the cafe – (his health adviser obviously unaware that a biting 20 mph easterly was coming in off the German Ocean).

The original four enjoyed the tailwind return leg over Brumstead Common to Honing, Worstead, White Cross and Banningham, where the bunch split, with only two continuing north towards Sheringham.

Distances: 45 miles to 65 miles.

Club Run to The Banningham Crown 21 February 2018

With actual and threatening showers and cold temperatures it seemed unlikely that we would see the sun today – maybe tomorrow but that’s not club run day!

So the sturdy 6 set off from PC on Robert’s ride to Banningham united in determination but hoping that an open fire would great us at the pub.

After passing through Gresham a technological hiccup halted us briefly but we soon continued on through Metton towards Felbrigg. The B road linking the A148 with the A140 always seems busy but we didn’t mind being held up for a couple of minutes as 3 “artics” thundered past. A brief encounter with the B road before a left turn at Crossdale Street and on to Northrepps, Southrepps and Trunch.

As we headed towards Swafield the previous day’s rain had turned Bradfield Road into a bit of a mud bath but Little London Road topped today’s charts as it provided plenty more and potholes too! Still, it gave others the opportunity to give Malcolm a ribbing about his bike’s well known aversion to mud.

Bluebell Road and Marshgate completed the North Walsham diversion as we exited via Spa Common and White Horse Common to reach the A149 at Bengate and then a familiar route to the lunch stop via Worstead, Swanton Abbott and Tuttington.

We enjoyed friendly and prompt service at The Crown and didn’t linger for too long before leaving in 2 groups one of which would split again leaving just 3 to return to PC by the most direct route, that is Erpingham, Aldborough, Bessingham and Gresham.

Thanks to Robert for leading today’s run.

Alan, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert and Robin

37 miles PC to PC

No punctures – we must all have invested in good winter tyres!

Malcolm would not be the only one on bike cleaning duties on arriving home.