Club Ride to The Parson Woodford at Weston Longville – Leader Mike Padfield 10 October

Club Ride to The Parson Woodford at Weston Longville  – Leader Mike Padfield 10 October

Some club rides leave little or nothing to report on as they are standard club runs with little or no memorable events. Mike’s ride to The Parson Woodford did not fall into this category. With four riders arriving early at Pretty Corner GP elected to leave early for Banningham therefore giving the “pack” something to chase. And chase they did catching him just about to cross the main Norwich road. At Banningham TN joined us so we now numbered five. Mike then took us from Banningham around to the back of Blickering and then down to Heydon where we rode through the Heydon Estate and in doing so had to move a herd of cows that were blocking our path. The cows did not seem to like this intrusion on their patch.

Onwards then to Reepham and Mike lead us down some walk ways which I doubt even the locals are aware of. We then moved on towards Weston Longville and became increasingly aware of black clouds forming all around us. About five miles out the heavens opened and a deluge hit the riders. We tried to find cover under a tree but the rain was so heavy that it provided no relief. Soaking wet and now cold we decided to ride on the next couple of miles to the pub.

Now I had mixed feeling about the pub but when we arrived they could not have been more accommodating. We were given seats next to a roaring fire and told not to concern ourselves with the puddles of water we were leaving be hide us. The food was fantastic – real chips – superb soup – brilliant burgers and a tea pot of Mad Hatters proportion.

Spirits now raised and semi dry we thanked the pub for their hospitality and set of for home.

It was on the homeward stretch that GP and TN encountered a moron motorist which would make a Neanderthel appear intelligent. The driver of this 4*4 drove at speed, with no regard for other road users, into part of the road which was heavily flooded thus soaking both riders. GP lost vision for some 10 – 15 seconds and only luck prevented him from having what could have been a serious accident. Now soaking wet again our only option was to ride as fast as possible home before rigor mortis set in…..

When we arrived at Cawston once again our luck changed and to our amazement the roads were dry and the sun was out warming us yet again. In all, a superb ride despite the atrocious conditions for part of it.

So, well done Mike – Well done  Parson Woodford – look forward to this ride again.

0 puncture, 58 miles, Weather: A real mixed bag. Curses on Moron Motorist too many to number.

And Happy Birthday John H !